Monday, August 20, 2007

Upside Down Cockroach Turns Nasty!

Sometimes you just can't help yourself can you? It just so happens that you "just can't help yourself" in Tin Roof more than any other place. But it isn't everyday that not being able to help yourself results in a lost cellphone. Step up to the plate, Mr Gareth Rosslee. For those of you who don't know the man, here is a quick synopsis (probably not the correct use of the word, but hey...): He is a Rosslee, nuff said. He does however run the best rugby website in the world (No he isn't paying me to say this - I don't sell my allegiance), SA

Back to Friday night.... Gareth obviously took my advice about 'going all the way' way to seriously resulting in the loss of his Nokia -0001 in the adjacent picture (obviously not his one, his is lost). The actual loss of his cell phone is not particularly newsworthy however as I reckon about 5-10 of the things going missing every Friday (generally however not of the -0001 variety) in the Roof.

What is newsworthy however, is the manner in which the assessed loss took place; in the conducting of the second best dance move ever (the best has yet to come I am sure of it!): step up to the plate "the upside down cockroach"!

Once the floor was cleared of people and about 4 meters squared of glass, Mr Rosslee proceeded to put an exhibition on! If you could tell the difference between him and the picture above, you could see better than I could at 4am in the Roof (not totally implausible). Only thing the routine was missing was the "Scat Man" pumping in the background.

It wasn't however in the execution of the actual dance moves where he performed what would generally be considered by many to be a rookie error - "loose pocket syndrome"! "Loose Pocket Syndrome" is largely a dormant disease in many claremont patrons, but becomes a nasty cash killer when lying on the floor. And as the above picture suggests, the upside down cockroach is all on the floor. 1+ 2 = lost cell cell phone.

So ladies and gentleman, keep your eyes open for this quite awesome dance move as well as the big guys phone.

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