Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Nadoes Referees in action!

On the wires it has been found out that four esteemed Nadoes were to be seen laying down the law at the RBHS fields on Tuesday. The standard of the rugby may not have been impeccable but the refereeing was outstanding…… or was it?

“That ref lost us the game, he didn’t blow a high tackle, was he pissed? And who has afros these days anyway?” U14 D player referring to their ref James Charton.

“Gee we mite not have played too well, but our ref was wearing tracksuit pants and had a mullet down his asshole, and kept going advantage tin roof, what does that mean?” u15 D player about their ref DEV von Lichtenstein.

“I think our ref just wanted to get off the park to go eat another pie or something sir!” u 15 C referring to Ruthie “Sarmie” Morris.

“WE only lost coz of the ref, we were robbed. He didn’t know the rules, has he even played rugby before?” u 14 B captain about our tearaway loosie Mike Martin.

But don’t despair Referees, the same u 15 c player was heard wondering whether his coach actually knew that he was meant to coach them and blamed him solely for their shit performance!

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