Thursday, August 23, 2007

Good Party!

Work Hard. Play Harder. But Play Safe

I hate to push down the lovely young lass below down the page for a political message, but I think that is exactly what the "Good Party" isn't - a political message. Two of our mates are running for SRC ('Student Representative Council' for anyone more apathetic then me) at UCT next week, James Robertson (left) and Nic Rosslee (by process of elimination, right).

Did that surname ring a bell? Tin Roof.... Cockroach..... Upside down..... Yip that's the one.

I don't want to rap on about what they're all about (I think that is their job), but I think the name gives away a large part of their game plan! I feel these two could offer us a lot more than the politically associated monkey's that are running the same race. Everyone knows that these political clowns are going to get onto the 15 man council, so let's help Nic and James get into this council so they can give them a hard time!

Any registered student this year can vote on Vula or can vote on campus. And remember these guys? Who would have thought?

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