Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Poker Tourni Hots Up

The crowds are starting to gather and ears are picking up every time there is a mention of the Playroom Poker Tournament. Hopefuls from far and wide are slowly coming out of the wood work to put their hats into the ring to vie for a place at the final table.

Jambles will be hard at work honing his skills on his laptop playing 'world series of poker 5'. Brokeback King will be playing with Pascale. For everyone else who does not have a laptop or a partner, there is Golden Palace Casino. It is an interactive online poker website which doubles as a casino. It runs specials all the time for sign up bonuses and the like. It would be a good option for all of those that have not been skilled enough to win on the SilverSands freerolls. The Site can be viewed in English as well as Spanish and French for all our European competitors. It has help guides and tutorials to help out even the worst of players.

Nic Maconac might well need to check it out to sharpen his game after his long lay off due to injury. He was suffering from smoke inhalation. Our thoughts go out to him and the Playroom wishes him the best.

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