Monday, August 20, 2007

Have you seen this Guy?

This is an urgent plea to anyone who has news of the actions of this individual in question. Since returning from the shores of London, he has not been himself. Various sources have placed him at affluent night clubs in and aroung the Cape Town area and have seen him staying out till all hours of the morning. Many Sources have confirmed thatshould you venture out to tiger on a Tuesday or Thursday night, you might well see him sliding around the establishment uttering: "you are hot!" and "As if id score you!".

We have sent him much correspondence and even a few interviews. His camp has declined all attempts on our part to offer our help. The last straw was his refusal of the invitation to play in the Daly Cup on Sunday. Our Concern grows with every passing day. We are deeply worried that something terrible has happened to him. His behaviour has become erratic and his frequent bouts of drunken rage have become the norm. Is he in love? Has he contracted something from England?

Please if you have any information contact 1-800-BIGGEST-NAME, send an email to, or just drop a comment. Your anonymity will be kept, of course.

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