Friday, August 3, 2007

Quart Party is On!

Its that time again ladies and gents! Unforgettable scenes unfolded last time around culminating in Robertson enjoying the party naked! It will be the same old story, boys getting fucked, girls getting fucked, boys attempting to bed girls, Jambles singing into his bottle to the sounds of Simon and Garfunkel, you know the usual.

It will truly be a memorable party. Bob will be in fine form, he is starting drinking at 7. So by 7:15 steer clear of him cuz he will be well fucked and hurling profanities in every direction. There are also rumours circulating that the biggest name in Cape Town/London will in attendance. He will probably be fashionably late, after the usual prematch at the WPCC. Fans and the paparazzi have already started gathering outside the Rouwkoop digs to get autographs and pics of the elite crowd in attendance. Our Playroom reporters ventured into the already growing crowd and asked some of the scantily clad ladies who they were waiting for. "Its Guy Thompson for sure! He is so hot!!" said a rotund girl with orange hair and braces. A gorgeous young thing's reply was "That nadoes prop, what his name? The one who doesn't pass? Oh yeah, Sean! I want him so bad!!".

But by far the crowds favorite was The Jambles! The ladies were sliding all over the driveway hoping to get a glimpse of the great man. One lady, who wished to remain anonymous, told us that she would give herself to James if he only asked! "He knows he can have me, we have chemistry!" was all she had to say. Tears filled her eyes as she turned and left, her auburn hair waving in the wind.

Whatever happens it should be a memorable night at the rouwkoop digs. Be there, Beer will be flowing, boys will be game and the girls will be loose. Enjoy

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