Thursday, August 9, 2007

Allenbrook Camp Drops Bomb

Dayne Allenbrook's camp issued a short statement late this afternoon. The statement was in connection with his participation in the Daly Cup, where he was favoured by the bookies to topple the rampant brokeback King. Rumours have been circulating that Allenbrook would be withdrawing from the prestigious competition for various reasons, no doubt spread by the other competitors trying to out psyche the great man.

The statement was issued by Allenbrook's manager and close friend John McEnroe. "We are issuing this statement in the wake of all the terrible rumours that have been circulating and we feel we need to set the record straight. I can confirm that Dayne Allenbrook will be withdrawing from the Daly Cup on Sunday. There are two specific reasons for this. Firstly, he will be honouring a prior commitment that he had contracted into prior to the Daly Cup Invitation. In all the excitement he forgot about this prior commitment. He attempted to work around it but in the end a schedule clash was unavoidable. The second reason is due to his debilitating Influenza that is plaguing him at the moment. It is for this reason, coupled with the first that he has been forced to withdraw. Dayne is bitterly disappointed but realises that this course of action is the correct one and he wishes all the competitors the best of luck on Sunday. Thank you"

With this news, King will be able to breath easier. Allenbrook had been in scintillating form prior to being struck down with his illness. After registering back to back 65's last month in his last competitive competition at the Skiathos open. His withdrawal has left a huge gap in the field and his presence and charisma will be sorely missed.

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