Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Paul Brewis in Thailand

Our Reporters have managed to get an exclusive interview with Current South African Polo Player Paul Brewis, who is currently at the World Student Games in Thailand. They caught him on his way to a practice.

Playroom: Paul, We would be so honoured if you would talk to us, tell us about what excites you and what makes you tick. The readers will be so happy.

Paul: Sure bru! anything for the fans! I see you are from The Playroom, keep up the good work!

(playroom in bold)
Who's your idol? My Mom, i have never found another woman that measures up!

What should a girl do to get your attention? Smile and tap my ass!

Are you a breasts or bum man? Bum, i mean breasts, no bums, no breast.. fuck it i love them both!

Any ladies at the moment: Many bru! A different one every week! (laughs and spins his polo ball on his finger) im just joking, im not really like that. Im all warm and cuddly inside, the hardcore image is just a show. You know Jakey, I dont want to say anything yet, i dont want to jinx it. I will say tho, that im happy.

What has been your biggest challenge? Its yet to come, i am but beginning my journey (stares off into the distance)

Who has the hottest ladies sports team in Thailand? Thats a tough one, stacks of belters, looks like Slovakian Volleyball team is leading, but other volleyballers that are steamy!

Have you shagged a Man/chick? Who told you that?!? It said it was a girl! No, you misunderstood, i was merely asking... Oh ok, then no, no lady/boys yet! But they wont fucken leave me alone! They keep telling me im pretty.(naughty look on his face)

Whats the first thing you gonna do when you get home? Go for a couple of brewski's with the boois, and try catch up with all the fuckin work i'm missin! Hope you wankers are sorting out some awesome finance projects!

With that he turned and walked into the stadium, a bounce of his polo ball and a flick of his hair and he had vanished just as quickly as he had come.


Secret Admirer said...

I love you Paul!!!!!!

eish said...

judy is great

nakita said...

Am i the special one?