Friday, August 31, 2007

New Car?

I over heard Squid and Marshall talking the other day. Marshall was (in between pausing to stare at aesthetically pleasing ladies) trying to come up with a way to come up with enough cash to buy his dream car, an Audi s3.

Various solutions were put forward, the best of these being that marshall would have to work forever (cuz he is too stupid to get a good job) to pay it off, selling a few organs, robbing a bank, robbing Seb FM, beating Seb FM and my personal favorite, chopping the squid into calamari and selling him.

The only problem was none of these seemed to be viable options, or would take too much effort on Marshals part, even though i offered to chop the squid up free of charge. Don't fret Marshal I have found the solution. I have managed to find a site that gives people like you Auto Loans. They offer the best deals and even give credit to those who would otherwise struggle to get it. They offer helpful tips for first time buyers and help with insurance too.

So marsh, rather chat to these guys and leave the chopping up of squids to me. In fact I think we will chop the Squid up anyway, or at least his fingers/tentacles!

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