Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pecan Party!

It seems as if the quart party took an unexpected turn on Friday night, being renamed before midnight to the Pecan Party. Has a nice ring to it really don't you think? Well at least until you wake up in about 3 feet of pecan nuts. Not really ideal sports fans! All of you that managed to attend the event will surely back me up when I say that Jeff "Great White" Kleu was largely responsible for this debauchery. They are being vacuumed up at the moment in the hope that they could be repackaged and sold, although they probably don't meet the health requirements to be called organic anymore.
Roll call was taken at Tin Roof later that evening and although the attendance was satisfactory, it was by no means what is expected at this level. Come on guys, Harden the &*$% up!

It does seem however that a good time was had by all, some however a little more than others!
It seems appropriate to quote a previous post at this stage,
"Bob will be in fine form, he is starting drinking at 7. So by 7:15 steer clear of him cuz he will be well fucked and hurling profanities in every direction".
Not completely true, (and in the words of Mr Richie Benaud) "but pretty f$%^ing close to it"!

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