Sunday, August 26, 2007

Come on Tim calls it a day

That day you thought would never arrive finally has. Tim Henman has finally given up. He has obviously never heard the old adage, flogging a dead horse. Lets be honest, he was not bad. He just wasn't good. He probably would have been a lot better if the Brits had not put so much pressure on him. The poor guy didn't have a chance. He is worse under pressure than Jambles standing over a 3-footer to win a hole. One thing he had going for him was that he had an absolute belter for a wife. It just shows you what money can buy. All in all he was a pratt. That siff little fist pump just didn't do it for me.

We will look forward to an era when Wimbledon will be without those irritating chants of 'Come on Tim'. But alas, I'm sure they will think up something equally as irritating for Andy Murray. In a few years Tim will be forgotten and Henman Hill will be renamed. Murray Mound maybe? Ill copyright that.

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