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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cyanide & Happiness...

The Wadda Enigma

There was a rather large upheaval this last Saturday at the Popular Nihtclub wadda. I am not of course referring to the Mass WWE style Brawl that broke out 2 saturdays back in which many of the Nadoes were involved. No, I am referring to the Phenomenon that is the the R5 drink Special. Most took advantage, some more than others.

It is at one person in particular I base this article upon. Sources close to him say that he has been somewhat unstoppable of late due to the fact that his GDA calendar has slowed down some what of late and as a result is hitting claremont with a renewed ferocity. Who is this Enigma do you ask? What makes him tick? Why does he sing into beer bottles and serenade random birds on the Dancefloor?

He was the epitomy of a drunken sailor on Saturday Night. He was in his element. UCT rugby mates, young horny birds to serenade, Bottle of whiskey behind the bar and customary dribble stains down the front of the shirt. One of his close mates, The Name, when interviewed had this to say:"We have tried to stop him singing into that bottle, but he pays us no mind! Its like watching a car crash, over and over and over... And he was in all his glory, bottle in one hand and randoms in the other. He even made it down onto one knee a few times and i might even have seen a chainsaw, but thats unconfirmed as i my mind was cloudy with thoughts of my Aussie miss.... so sally can wait, she knows its too late...." And the Name's voice talied off, as a 'far away' look came over his face, a look of reminiscence.

As of yet we do not have a name for this legendary Cape Town Character. we do however know for what is surely a mathematical certainty that he will be in full song again this weekend and will surely be making an appearance at his beloved Wadda. Kids see if you can snap a pic with him. Send them in and ill post them up. All posted pics win a date and a blaas from Jessica Alba. Girls, win an evening with me, niiiice.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Americans Steal The Daly Cup

Last Sunday saw the 6th running of the Daly Cup. It was held at Mowbray in what can only be described as perfect golfing conditions. A powerful field assembled including Daly Cup New commers Fat Whitfield, Jamie Ross, Jason Elley and Nic McConnachie. The latter three will be in the American side for the upcoming Presidents cup and will be competing against The Internationals. In amongst the field were previous Champions Murray King and Jambles Charton as well as defending Champion and Daly Cup record Holder Dayne Allenbrook.

Allenbrook, King, Fat and Thompson were paired up in the first 4 ball and Dawson-Squibb, McConnachie, Elley and Ross in the 2nd. King got away to a flying start, taking the corse to pieces on the front side. Defending Champion Allenbrook fell to pieces from the word go. McConnachie and Dawson-Squibb were a shot back at the turn.

It was at the turn where King's challenge faded with a double on the par5 10th. Nic Mac held firm when all other challengers faltered. No-one could match the Croc's shot making abilty and steely resolve. He ended up winning by 5 shots, a new Daly Cup record.

And for the first time in 6 months, the Cup was wrestled away from a woeful Allenbrook in what can only be described as a pitiful defense of his title with his effort winning the wooden spoon.

Most Golf: JADH Charton 99 (net)
Lowest round (gross): D Allenbrook 75
Lowest round (net): D Allenbrook 68
Biggest winning margin: N McConnachie 5 shots

19/07/07 MJ King (Mowbray)
14/08/07 S Mortlock (Mowbray)
25/10/07 J Charton (Royal Cape)
18/12/07 D Allenbrook (Mowbray)
17/02/08 D Allenbrook (Mowbray)
10/08/08 N McConnachie (Mowbray)

The Gun Run

How good do you feel after you have just been for a run? A person definately has a sense of accomplishment. Albeit you are about to undo any good you have done by wrecking yourself on the rocks at tiger tiger, but thats another story altogether. I am referring to that warm feeling you get when you know you have pushed yourself. Ahhhh. It makes one happy.

It has also been noted that there are a few boys and girls around the greater Cape Town area that are looking a little worse for wear this winter as they have over indulged a little in their stock piling for the cold. Running training is a great way to shed this unwanted padding and to start getting the body summer ready.

With this in mind, The Gun Run is coming up on the 12th October. The Half Marathon will be contested over 21.4km of Cape Town's finest running surfaces. It is a rather flat half marathon by all accounts, thus some PB's(Personal Best's for all you non-running folk) could be shattered. I for one will be entering along with a few of Cape Town's biggest names. So, lets get a group as big as possible and make a vibe of it. Come on, you cant stay useless all your life.

Do it.

Monday, August 4, 2008

This is How I Roll...

Hello again. I know, I know, its really really bad. I have been very busy. I thought I'd just let you into my world. I bet you a million dollars you cant guess what I have just been doing? I have Just cooked a Grasshopper!! Yes. I know. My brother caught it and I cooked it. Mental five. And no before you ask, we didn't eat it. He needed to dissect it and was going to leave it in a jar until it died. So, being the nature enthusiast that I am, I did the humane thing and threw it into a pot of boiling water. Killing it instantly. Nice hey? Oh and I think it was a baby...