Friday, August 31, 2007

New Car?

I over heard Squid and Marshall talking the other day. Marshall was (in between pausing to stare at aesthetically pleasing ladies) trying to come up with a way to come up with enough cash to buy his dream car, an Audi s3.

Various solutions were put forward, the best of these being that marshall would have to work forever (cuz he is too stupid to get a good job) to pay it off, selling a few organs, robbing a bank, robbing Seb FM, beating Seb FM and my personal favorite, chopping the squid into calamari and selling him.

The only problem was none of these seemed to be viable options, or would take too much effort on Marshals part, even though i offered to chop the squid up free of charge. Don't fret Marshal I have found the solution. I have managed to find a site that gives people like you Auto Loans. They offer the best deals and even give credit to those who would otherwise struggle to get it. They offer helpful tips for first time buyers and help with insurance too.

So marsh, rather chat to these guys and leave the chopping up of squids to me. In fact I think we will chop the Squid up anyway, or at least his fingers/tentacles!

Britters is Siff

This poor girl has well and truly lost the plot. She actually used to be a belter and now she is just ugly and fat. For her sake I hope she sorts herself out and gets back on the proverbial horse. She is rumoured to be staging a comeback at the MTV Music awards. She will be performing a song there, so lets hope she doesn't fuck it up.
I hope she gets better for our sake too because if she's gonna carry on flashing her bits around in public, its much better to see a nicely toned body rather than this siff cellulite bum she has now.
Good luck angel.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Friday Night Lights

Just thought I would alert your attention to the hopefully debaucherous events coming up on Friday the 21nd of September.
As you may or may not know, Stellenbosch is not that keen to hold "Intervarsity" (traditionally the first game of the season between UCT and Maties) again based on the fact that the town gets somewhat of a makeover that night. This was the reason for the game being held at Newlands earlier this year, and I am not so sure that that venue may become out of bounds in the years to come.

But what they big wigs at Maties rugby didn't realise was that just because the second game to be played at the Danie Craven wasn't officially called "Intervarsity" doesn't mean that UCT students wont go out in their droves and add to the GDP of Stellenbosch.
Just thought I would alert your attention so there would be plenty of time to plan, nothing more, nothing less. Bring on those Friday Night Lights!

Event: Intervarsity Returns
Place: Danie Craven, Stellenbosch
Date: 2 September 2007
Time: 1st team kicks off at 9pm

It Could Save Your Life!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why Not?

Because I can.

Got your Date Yet?

As we all know its coming round to that time of year again. The heart flutters as it comes to grips with the realisation that it has to pluck up the courage and ask a girl/guy to accompany it to a dance/formal/ball! Yes kids its formal season! Three of which are hitting the calender in the not too distant future, the commerce ball, marketing ball and the Nadoes formal. Some lucky gents and some loose ladies might be attending all three. Which could mean three dates! Hectic. I can hear you all gasping now, but wait, there is help!

Here is an Online Dating website that will give you all the helpful hints and ways to get over your nervousness, all the do's and dont's. My only regret is that I did not find this website in time to help Sean Carey from 'maring' and having to ask a date at '5pm day of' to last years Nadoes Formal. They help lost souls find love online and help with long distance relationships.

For those who cant find their own dates, they will help even the siffest of okes come right with there match finder. It remains to be seen if they are amazing enough to help Bob PecanNut with his on-again off-again but is now on-again relationship with the lovely Maria Siverstedt.

Poker Tourni Hots Up

The crowds are starting to gather and ears are picking up every time there is a mention of the Playroom Poker Tournament. Hopefuls from far and wide are slowly coming out of the wood work to put their hats into the ring to vie for a place at the final table.

Jambles will be hard at work honing his skills on his laptop playing 'world series of poker 5'. Brokeback King will be playing with Pascale. For everyone else who does not have a laptop or a partner, there is Golden Palace Casino. It is an interactive online poker website which doubles as a casino. It runs specials all the time for sign up bonuses and the like. It would be a good option for all of those that have not been skilled enough to win on the SilverSands freerolls. The Site can be viewed in English as well as Spanish and French for all our European competitors. It has help guides and tutorials to help out even the worst of players.

Nic Maconac might well need to check it out to sharpen his game after his long lay off due to injury. He was suffering from smoke inhalation. Our thoughts go out to him and the Playroom wishes him the best.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wednesday Woman #2

Jessica Alba is so hot it hurts. So, she is a fitting Wednesday Woman. She also happens to be a favorite of mine. Here are some great pics of her on the beach for the boys, or girls, i dont judge. Sorry Marshall, no porn.
I dont know if anybody realised but she was unjustly beaten into 2nd place in the FHM 100 hottest woman for 2007 by siff Tanya van Graan. Do me a favour?!? Are you fucking kidding me? How can you tell me that that siffness beats this? Heads will roll if this kind of insolence is shown again.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sports Bettings' Best

Most of us enjoy a good 'dobbel' (gamble for those that are not fluent in our native afrikaans). Not scared to throw a bit of bling around any chance we get. From time to time, as by magic our paths may take us to a gambling establishment or betting tote. Good examples of this will be the Met or for the lucky few, Sun City. But why wait so long between excursions?

Online betting has taken the Cape Town and Jambles's spare time by storm. Its all the man does. You too can become a poker genius with this helpful site. It has Top poker and sportsbetting guides and reviews. You can bet on anything at anytime. Its all the betting you could ever want rolled into one! I reckon you could even bet on whether Craig will marry Selina, Melissa or Marshall. Or if they will change the law and allow all of them to marry each other. Or if Sean will eat until he bursts. Anything is possible.

Whatever your game, be it rugby, cricket, horse racing poker or football, this is the place for you. Jambles will now probably never leave the house. They will triple their revenue, I should ask for some commision.

Graham Barrett's Fatherly Advice

If Donkeys half time Nadoes talks are anything to go by, im sure his teaching methods follow suite. Those Little kids are gonna be scarred for life! He is portrayed above giving a little fatherly advice. Good on ya donk. Whats in you hair....

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Absolute Shocker

You have got to love beauty pagents. In order to show that they are not all about looks (why that would be a problem I don't know), they ask "a thought-provoking" question to the beautiful ladies in contention near the end of the compo.

Well this lady, who by the looks of things must have been on of the favourites going into the question round, absolutely pawned it.

She must have walked backstage and wanted to bury herself in a deep hole!

I did like her exam techniqe of repeating the question so as to buy herself some time, but sometimes exam technique alone just doesn't cut it.

She still would have been my winner though!

Come on Tim calls it a day

That day you thought would never arrive finally has. Tim Henman has finally given up. He has obviously never heard the old adage, flogging a dead horse. Lets be honest, he was not bad. He just wasn't good. He probably would have been a lot better if the Brits had not put so much pressure on him. The poor guy didn't have a chance. He is worse under pressure than Jambles standing over a 3-footer to win a hole. One thing he had going for him was that he had an absolute belter for a wife. It just shows you what money can buy. All in all he was a pratt. That siff little fist pump just didn't do it for me.

We will look forward to an era when Wimbledon will be without those irritating chants of 'Come on Tim'. But alas, I'm sure they will think up something equally as irritating for Andy Murray. In a few years Tim will be forgotten and Henman Hill will be renamed. Murray Mound maybe? Ill copyright that.

McEnroe & Borg Downed in Straights

It was a woeful day for Playroom tennis's Doubles pairing of John McEnroe and James Borg. They were thoroughly beaten in straight sets this morning 6-0, 6-3, 6-2 by the Balaclava Models, Jamie Curtis and Seb FM. Unforced errors were the order of the day with a few double faults thrown in for good measure. Both Borg & McEnroe were visible dispondant after the fixture in which McEnroe smashed a record 14 rackets including 3 of Borgs. Borg only had this to say: "We made too many f#%king mistakes. I could not hit the f$*king ball in at all. F^!k this game".

They were out played by a well grooved pairing and have a lot of work to do if they hope to be contenders at the end of the tournament. They will have to put in some practice and now realise that they cannot just rely on natural talent anymore.

James Borg also set a record when he became the first man in Sporting Koekenda Cup history to serve an entire game of double faults. 4 in a row. Fuck me thats horrible.

Possible Soccer Help?

There are rumours circulating of a possible fixture between Playroom FC and The Sporting Koekenda. With this in mind the squads will want to step up the intensity of their training regimes and kick things into high gear. The management of both sides have been unavailable for comment, but the unconfirmed rumours say that the fixture is planned for early October.

With this in mind, I stumbled across a site selling Soccer Nets and various items of soccer apparel. This will be perfect for the Koekenda as the site sells training equipment including portable goals and rebounders. They will be well aware of the fact that they have never beaten the Playroom franchise (Rondebosch FC as it was known before the buyout) and will need all the help they can get to do so.

These soccer nets are easy to assemble and are portable so they can be used on the go and assembled with the greatest of ease, so as not to cut into their precious training time. They even offer delivery for a small fee to add to the ease.

The Sporting Koekende should take a look at this site and the helpful products it has to offer. Lets be honest, they need all the help they can get.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Good Party!

Work Hard. Play Harder. But Play Safe

I hate to push down the lovely young lass below down the page for a political message, but I think that is exactly what the "Good Party" isn't - a political message. Two of our mates are running for SRC ('Student Representative Council' for anyone more apathetic then me) at UCT next week, James Robertson (left) and Nic Rosslee (by process of elimination, right).

Did that surname ring a bell? Tin Roof.... Cockroach..... Upside down..... Yip that's the one.

I don't want to rap on about what they're all about (I think that is their job), but I think the name gives away a large part of their game plan! I feel these two could offer us a lot more than the politically associated monkey's that are running the same race. Everyone knows that these political clowns are going to get onto the 15 man council, so let's help Nic and James get into this council so they can give them a hard time!

Any registered student this year can vote on Vula or can vote on campus. And remember these guys? Who would have thought?

[The views expressed in this article are the views of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of "The Good Party" or "The Playroom"]

Wednesday Woman #1

It is essential for a good blog to pay tribute to the beautiful girls of the world. 2oceansvibe has Tuesday Tabs and The Rockstar Journals have Monday Madam, The Playroom shall have....Wait for it.... Wednesday Woman! This is so that you will have three quality woman on three quality sites, three days in a row!!

So may I present to you the innaugural Playroom Wednesday Woman to you...drumroll please... Scarlett Johansson.

I know its a thursday and thus im a little late. Im Sorry, I hope you forgive me it took a bit of time for me to sort out the photos from my camera. You see Scarlett and I had a dinner date last night and the rest of the photos were not suitable to publish!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Playroom Poker Tournament

The event that thousands have been waiting for is here. The innaugural PlayroomPoker tournament. Professional poker players from all over Cape Town will be battling for the most sought after prize in Poker.

Due to a logistical nightmare, we have decided to make it a a one off affair.We will play 'Silversands style' until we have only 1 left, who will take the main cash prize, the Playroom Poker Title and bragging rights.


  • Buy In: R50
  • Texas Holdem
  • Date: Sunday 9nd Sep
  • Payout: The Top 6 players will get paid
  • Venue will be announced to you once you have confirmed.

There will be cost price beers (or you can bring your own) and a vibe for the players and spectators. Leave a comment if you are interested in playing or email me at or Facebook me! All are welcome, the more the merrier. The more we get, the bigger the cash prizes will be. Please confirm so we can get an idea of numbers so we can sort out chips and cards ect. The boys are amped! Its on.

What a Beaut

I came across this individual walking between upper campus and Kramer. Clad in his dressing gown he exuded coolness. It seemed to emanate from him like light from the sun. Stay free. Don't conform to the standards of modern living. Don't let 'the Man' get you. Scuttle back to your burrow in the woods and keep fighting the good fight.

Present ideas for the little Man

As it enters that pesky birthday season, everybody rolls their eyes as they think of the hits their wallets will take in this time of present buying. I have come across a site that can help.

August brings with it the birthday of a very special individual. His name is Guy Thompson. This site has a wide range of themed Kids Pajamas. They make all the NFL kits to fit even the smallest of kiddies. These custom kids sets are so special that they even let you print a number on the back!! Amazing! (I happened to have it on very good authority that Guys favorite number is 7). But probably the most important piece of information is that they make shoulder pads in tyke sizes. This will be of great help to Guy as he looks to make his return to the Rugby fields. Sizes range from 4yrs - 10yrs. The sets are very reasonably priced so the birthday seasons budget will not be blown in one go.

This site will also be of use to you if you are attending a Wynberg girls 21st because her kid(standard issue) would be between the ages of 4 and 6. Give or take a few months here or there.

Opponents Fire Back at McEnroe and Borg

This message was recieved from Tor "Jaguar Paw" in response to the article on the match between the Playroom duo and his team.

"I would like to appeal and rescind what was stated about last weeks Koekenda game.
There was no cruising whatsoever, and Mr. McEnroe was asked on repeated accounts to lower his voice and refrain from such foul profanity on Kelvin Groove's Center Court. He found himself being more careful with his final racket, after throwing his other three into the crowds.
The Playroom struck it lucky, Sky Flint's ankle injury from his previous weeks lion hunting had left him unable to play."


Monday, August 20, 2007

Have you seen this Guy?

This is an urgent plea to anyone who has news of the actions of this individual in question. Since returning from the shores of London, he has not been himself. Various sources have placed him at affluent night clubs in and aroung the Cape Town area and have seen him staying out till all hours of the morning. Many Sources have confirmed thatshould you venture out to tiger on a Tuesday or Thursday night, you might well see him sliding around the establishment uttering: "you are hot!" and "As if id score you!".

We have sent him much correspondence and even a few interviews. His camp has declined all attempts on our part to offer our help. The last straw was his refusal of the invitation to play in the Daly Cup on Sunday. Our Concern grows with every passing day. We are deeply worried that something terrible has happened to him. His behaviour has become erratic and his frequent bouts of drunken rage have become the norm. Is he in love? Has he contracted something from England?

Please if you have any information contact 1-800-BIGGEST-NAME, send an email to, or just drop a comment. Your anonymity will be kept, of course. gives you help

As we all know, The Playroom is in the early stages of putting together its first poker tournament. I have stumbled across a website that will teach the Guy Thompson's of this world the intricacies of the fine game. But it does not stop there sports fans!

This website teaches strategy for casino games like roulette, video poker, slots and many more. They have online casino game tutorials, reviews and software that actually lets you play mock games. They go quite in depth about the proper gambling strategies that people like Jambles, the Guru and Gregg(who is in much need of help lets be honest) clearly know nothing about. So learners take a look, it will stand you in good stead for the poker tournaments to come and who knows, you might even walk away with the main prize at the end of the day!!

Visit the Online Casino now and start reading up!! You can sign up for their newsletter which will bring you tips as well as deals in the online gaming world. All the cool kids are doing it, this poker thing, you know you want to. So get playing, you are gonna need all the practice you can get to become the poker champion!

Daly Cup Upset

It was on a perfect morning that the Golfing professionals from around Cape Town gathered at Royal Cape Golf Club to contest the Daly Cup. The perfect day was marred by a few incidents right from the get go.

The first being the announcement from royal cape that the entrance fee would be increased to R150 for the days entertainment. All the players could do was sit and stare in amazement as the cashier stole our money. The second was the non-arrival of one of the competitors. A certain Renzo Puccini withdrew only moments before his tee off time giving drunkenness as his excuse for defection. This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated and this young pro has been slapped with a hefty fine and placed on his final warning.

After these disruptions, many of the players had trouble concentrating on their game. This was all too evident from the number of wayward drives on the 1st tee. The two favorites King and Allenbrook were drawn together in the 12:00 tee off time. Things started solidly enough for the leaders as they both registered good scores on the first few holes, but it was on the first Par5 that the trouble started. With a lost ball off the tee Allenbrook was left with a double bogey 7 on his bread and butter hole. Soon after, the clouds began to loom and the sunlight vanished as well as Allenbrooks hopes of his Maiden Daly Cup Victory as his play continued to plummet.

King Still kept ticking away and predictably had the lead at half way, with Jambles Making a surprising move to be only a shot back of the favorite. The guru was a few shots further back while the defending champion S.Mortlock was nowhere to be seen.

King's play began to falter coming home and in what can only be described as unbelievable, Jambles Charton found himself with a 5 shot lead with only 2 holes to play over his playing partner, the solid Cool Keith.

Jambles tried his best to fuck it up, and with an amazing amount of predictability, began his usually chocking at the death. He registered a brace of double bogeys to finish and left the Cup wide open for the taking. Amazingly no-one put their hands up and against all odds and predictions, the rank outsider Jambles Charton was crowned Champion of the Daly Cup, beating out Cool Keith and Matty King by a Stroke.

(73) Jambles Charton
(74) Cool Keith Counihan, Brokeback King

Most Golf- Milo (80)
(scores are net of handicaps)

A great day was had by all and I'm sure the next Daly Cup will be a hotly contested affair.

Notable absentees: Guy Thompson, Tim Florence

McEnroe & Borg Cruise through 1st round

The Playroom's entry into the Sporting Koekenda Tennis cup cruised through their first round match aggainst Tor Stewart and The love Muscle on Sunday at Kelvin.

The Playroom Team consisting of James "Bjorn Borg" Brown and John McEnroe were too strong for their opponents when they breezed past them in straight sets 6-4, 6-3, 6-4. Both teams played some stupendous tennis at times with Borg showing glimpses of the form that had him winning all those grand slams in the late 80's. It was a tight game that was marred by the fierce sunlight blinded the players at time. It will be remembered for the players inability to hold serve at crucial moments. All in all it was a good day out and a full complement of points for the playroom side.
They face much tougher test when they face Seb and Jamie Curtis of The Balaclava Models in their next round match on Sunday.

Upside Down Cockroach Turns Nasty!

Sometimes you just can't help yourself can you? It just so happens that you "just can't help yourself" in Tin Roof more than any other place. But it isn't everyday that not being able to help yourself results in a lost cellphone. Step up to the plate, Mr Gareth Rosslee. For those of you who don't know the man, here is a quick synopsis (probably not the correct use of the word, but hey...): He is a Rosslee, nuff said. He does however run the best rugby website in the world (No he isn't paying me to say this - I don't sell my allegiance), SA

Back to Friday night.... Gareth obviously took my advice about 'going all the way' way to seriously resulting in the loss of his Nokia -0001 in the adjacent picture (obviously not his one, his is lost). The actual loss of his cell phone is not particularly newsworthy however as I reckon about 5-10 of the things going missing every Friday (generally however not of the -0001 variety) in the Roof.

What is newsworthy however, is the manner in which the assessed loss took place; in the conducting of the second best dance move ever (the best has yet to come I am sure of it!): step up to the plate "the upside down cockroach"!

Once the floor was cleared of people and about 4 meters squared of glass, Mr Rosslee proceeded to put an exhibition on! If you could tell the difference between him and the picture above, you could see better than I could at 4am in the Roof (not totally implausible). Only thing the routine was missing was the "Scat Man" pumping in the background.

It wasn't however in the execution of the actual dance moves where he performed what would generally be considered by many to be a rookie error - "loose pocket syndrome"! "Loose Pocket Syndrome" is largely a dormant disease in many claremont patrons, but becomes a nasty cash killer when lying on the floor. And as the above picture suggests, the upside down cockroach is all on the floor. 1+ 2 = lost cell cell phone.

So ladies and gentleman, keep your eyes open for this quite awesome dance move as well as the big guys phone.

Do me a Favour?!?

Oh my fuck. This has made my day. Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter in the Harry Potter movies has done some sort of sexy/vibey photoshoot for a mag called DETAILS. He has tried to push it a bit with this one. I think he should stop all this silly modelling business and stick to flying his broom. Oh and he should score Hermione (Emma Watson) and she should do a playboy shoot or make a homemade porn video. Is that too much to ask?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Go All The Way!

Friday afternoon has set in, so just a piece of advice for the weekend!

This truly is truly awesome!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ching, Chong, Cha!

I thought of this idea a while back and the more I think of it the better the idea becomes. So here is my proposal.....

The introduction of "Ching, Chong, Cha", or for our international readers "rock, paper, scissors" (why Saffa's feel the need to call it by its Asian translation I still cannot work out, but that is a whole nother can of worms!) into Test match rugby.

The coin toss in the in test match rugby has taken some what of a back seat since I was a young lad watching the game in the early 90's. You wouldn't even know that the toss even happens if you weren't as informed as all our readers are. I realise that the outcome of the toss doesn't quite have the same affect in rugby as in say cricket, but surely we could make more of it? The administrators are always adding new things to the game to try and enhance the entertainment and therefore value to the spectator, like dancing girls (note to reader - which I am not adverse to) or the Zulu war dance. Well you monkeys in rugby administration (sorry for the generalisation my northern hemisphere and antipodean counterparts), here is your chance!

Close your eyes and imagine John Smit and Richie McCaw standing on the halfway line in Paris staring each other down, trying to read the eyes of his opponent while at the same time trying to keep a blank face. And then the call comes over the loudspeaker, "Ching!", the crowd going quiet in anticipation. "Chong!", the excitement unbearable as a few of the unsavoury members of the crowd (the same ones who think that a moments silence is for them to bellow out a few drunken screams) break the atmosphere slightly. "Cha!", John Smit drawing out his favourite move, the jaw breaking rock. Meanstwhile had Richie predicted the inevitable and brought out the paperwork!

It surely could work! And imagine the build up in the press. It would be awesome! Mortlock throwing out at Thursdays press conference that he would be pulling out the scissors on Saturday, baffling the French tacticians. And imagine all the statisticians that would have a new lease on life with all the new variables that would be thrown around! Sites like SA Rugby would have whole articles on the match within a match.

Surely an idea that needs to be considered by the big wigs at the IRB!

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Daly Cup secrets Unveiled

In the world of professional golf it is no secret that players seek the best from their equipment and as a result are always changing and altering the contents of their bags to find the right mix for them. Our reporters have gone deep under cover and gained some top secret knowledge on one of the Daly Cup entrants, Dayne Allenbrook. It was at the River Club that our reporters caught up with Allenbrook and former 2 time Daly Cup champion Brokeback King as they were practicing for the up coming Daly Cup event. It was here that they came across not 1 but 2 startling discoveries.

The first is that Allenbrook has some new additions to the bag. He has enlisted the services of a King Cobra 9.0 driver to hopefully sort out his waywardness off the tee. But more importantly, he has a new 2-iron in the bag. We managed to snap a pic of his new 'baby' as he referred to it just before he began to hit it for the first time. OH MY GOD! He hits it fucking miles! It is truly amazing, 10 in a row dead straight, then back into the bag. The club in question is a Hogan Director blade 2-iron and can only be described as amazing.

The Director: imposing.

I did some research on it and it seems it was forged in a volcano deep in the Amazon and has been passed down from generation to generation of talented golfers. It is also said to have mystical powers. Whatever the story is, it was working well for him, as this bodes ill for the rest of the competitors.

The second bit of information is that King is seeing a specialist about glasses. We enquired this morning about the outcome of the consultation and it has been confirmed that King will have to don spectacles from now on! He is unable to wear contacts due to the dryness of his eyes. This will be a huge blow to the young man as he begins his campaign to regain his title.
They both look as solid as ever and one thinks that Sunday's Daly Cup will be a 2 horse race between these two as there is still no word on the condition or whereabouts of Guy Thompson and Jambles Charton is in shocking form of late.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nut Van not so Invincible

The way it works at UCT is that in order to park on Campus, you need to fork over fuck loads of cash for a parking disk. You do this because you know that if you are caught, there is a nasty fine awaiting you, albeit that you dont actually have to pay, but thats not the point. You do on the odd occasion chance it and hope to get away with it, everybody has done it once or twice. It does however tweak the hell out of me that there are those people who seem to do it ad-nauseum and never seem to get caught.

The driver of this van is one of these people. He boasts endlessly about how his van is invincible and impervious to fines. It is for this reason that I am writing this article. Let me set the scene. Walking up the hill in the freezing cold, swearing, trying not to think about how far it still is to my lecture, keep walking, swearing, hating all these bastards who chance their luck everyday and never get caught, still swearing. Finally I get to the top, comlpletely bleak with life and the idea of a full day at varsity thinking that nothing in this world will ever be right and that nothing, even a blow job from Jessica Alba could bring me out of my bad mood. It was at this pivotal point in my life that i saw it.

I was amazed at how wrong i could have been, how my mood could be so hectically changed by a seemingly meaningless happeneing. How beautiful it was, fluttering its whiteness in the wind. My mood changed instantaneously as a wave of sheer jubilation swept over me. The day seemed so much brighter, so much warmer, i now had purpose, i wanted to go to accounts and as the clouds parted, i could swear that, just for a second, i saw god smiling at me and i could just make out what he was mouthing......'Take that you Cunt'.

Need Kids Sport Equipment? is a kiddie’s sports site dedicated to lads about to embark on their flourishing sports careers. They specialise in baseball gear for kids and have beginner gear for many other sport too including soccer, golf and street hockey. Thus a mini King would feel right at home here because there are lots of tiny golf accessories for his future kids to play with! Maybe he and Pascale should look into buying here?

Back to the website though, it is extremely user friendly, any old ‘Guy Thompson’ could figure his way around its user friendly design. It boasts hacker safe software thus making internet payment on this site easy and safe. It has a 4.5 star customer rating and a top service award from yahoo. You can also have your goods shipped to you no matter what the size of the order for a very low flat fee. This is no doubt a site that Jambles should visit to get all the new teaching aids for his kids at WPPS. In fact all coaches should take a look at the fantastic products on offer.

All in all a useful site for kids sport. You can arrange pretty much any sporting goods, but it is most concentrated on Baseball Equipment, from this site and if I had any kids that played sport instead of chess, I would not hesitate to make Kidssportsinc my number 1 stop!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nick Easter on the Run

Everybody who was at Rondebosch in 2000 will remember the stooge of the boarding house at the time. He was a largish lad who claimed to be troy flavell's cousin (he would always say this while prancing around in his Blues jersey) and who could be heard to say "ruik jou ma" and "Florence, around the poles and back or ill beat you!" in a thick brittish accent. He was also not scared to get into a fight on his numerous trawls of the claremont drinking establishments and often sported grated knuckles, but never a black eye. I am of course talking about none other than Nick Easter, or Mr Easter as he was know to us.

Mr Easter was named in the England world cup squad by coach Brian Ashton yesterday. Many rugby experts say that he may well even be the first choice No8, squeaking out Lawrence Dallaglio. Easter also broke the record the other day for tries in a game by an England No8. He scored 4 against Wales in England's crushing 62 - 5 win at Twickenham a few weeks ago.

We wish the Troy the Boy all the best of luck and we all hope he gets cleaned by Bob Skinstad (provided they both start) in Paris when they meet! What a sick game!!

England Rugby World Cup squad

Backs: M Cueto (Sale Sharks), P Sackey (Wasps), J Lewsey (Wasps), J Robinson (unattached), M Tait (Newcastle), D Hipkiss (Leicester), J Noon (Newcastle), M Catt (London Irish), A Farrell (Saracens), O Barkley (Bath), J Wilkinson (Newcastle), S Perry (Bristol), A Gomarsall (Harlequins), P Richards (London Irish).

Forwards: A Sheridan (Sale Sharks), P Freshwater (Perpignan), P Vickery (Wasps, capt), M Stevens (Bath), M Regan (Bristol), G Chuter (Leicester), L Mears (Bath), S Shaw (Wasps), S Borthwick (Bath), B Kay (Leicester), M Corry (Leicester), L Moody (Leicester), J Worsley (Wasps), T Rees (Wasps), N Easter (Harlequins), L Dallaglio (Wasps).

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Spies Ruled Out

The Pierre Spies has been ruled out of the World Cup in September. As you all know, and by you I mean the people who follow rugby and are aware of the Spies situation, the Blue Bulls back rower was given a glimmer of hope last week when a second specialist stated that he had been incorrectly diagnosed and that he in fact only had a case of flu. A third Opinion was sought and it was confirmed today that the initial diagnosis was correct. Spies was diagnosed with Pulmonary emboli, which in layman's terms is blood clotting on the lungs.

This must have been a crushing blow for the young man who would have taken up a starting birth in the green and gold for his first world cup cap. But it is better to err on the side of caution. He will be in his prime, barring injury trouble, for the next world cup, so this may well not be his last chance.

He has been replaced by the Sharks live wire front ranker Bismarck Du Plessis, which is not necessarily a bad thing, because Jake White was worried about the fact that he only had two hookers in the squad.

South Africa start their world cap campaign against Samoa in Paris on the 9th of September.

Monday, August 13, 2007

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In my opinion this would be a great site for anyone wishing to learn the game of poker and start playing online, or a seasoned professional looking for a new challenge. There is something here for everyone, this site covers for all types of betting.

Get started right now with this great online poker at Bet365.

Sporting Koekenda Tennis Cup is On

Borg and McEnroe, pensive.

The 1st annual sporting Koekenda Tennis Cup has begun and the playroom have been given a wild card entry into the tournament. The format is a doubles tournament, and consists of 12 of the top tennis doubles pairings in the country. It is a round robin that leads into quarters, semis and a final.

Representing the Playroom will be Dayne Allenbrook's manager John McEnroe and his good mate Bjorn Borg. Between these two they have won more than 200 singles titles and 100 doubles titles. They will be a force to be reckoned with and will be difficult to beat.
They have drawn The Apocolypto Boys consisting of Tor and Matty Oaks. They will prove to be mean opponents. We will keep you up to date on the results.
Quarters Prediction: New Balls, String Beans, Balaclava Models, The Playroom
The rest of this weeks fixtures are:
The Balaclava models (JC,Seb) vs. The Spartatrons (Tim, Cam)
The new balls (Carlo, Nick G) vs. The woman fuckers (Craig, Andrew)
Le tour de Kaap (John, Clive) vs. The William Kirkby’s (Will, Kenny)
The Playroom (John McE, Bjorn) vs. The apocolypto boys (Tor, Matty)
S.A.& C.S (Mike, Marc) vs. String Beans (Oupa, edge)
The smoking Aces (VC, Dale) vs. The Sopranos (Mike Parker, ant)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mortlock takes the Daly cup back to Sybrand

What a marvelous day for golf in slaapstad today, and those of you too lazy to get out there today definitely missed out. Dwayne Allenbrook was surely wondering whether he was maybe being a bit fickle by declining the invite on a the basis of one or two clauses in the contract.
The field eventually consisted of a few local favourites, a few unknown quantities, as well a a rank outsider. The bookies favourite was no doubt the defending champion MJ King. He however lost his wheel's not long into the front nine, and it certainly looked like a new champion would be crowned.

After the front nine, it was Tim Florence who emerged as the front runner. It seemed as if all the work he was doing in the new WPCC gym was paying off, although Mr Player is quoted as saying "Performance enhancing drugs are a huge problem in modern golf. There is no way that sitting on a couch all day will create the extra yardage that young Tim has shown".

Maybe Robert Roux can take a feather out of Tims cap in order to help him with a bit of extra carry off the tees. Rooster managed to beat his personal best in the short drive category, beating his previous best 0f 2.4cm by 1.024m. Yes ladies and gentleman your maths is correct. It equates to a drive that went 1m backwards. Robert was pretty upset, and complained that he gets so much more run at Magersfontein (his local Griquas track).

Jambles Charton, who struggled all day with the driver, also managed to put a bit of a show on for the crowds. He managed to put his drive next to the 11th tee box while playing the 12th. When he eventually waded through the casual water all over the course, there was a 3 ball about to tee off on the 11th. This meant a bit of a crowd was on hand to watch the master at work. With a pitching wedge in hand, he managed to hit it all of about 3.5m much to the delight of the crowd!

It was a sensational putting performance and a great back 9 by S. Mortlock that insured that the coveted title was taken back to the quiet hamlet that is Sybrand Park. Pretty sure this quaint little village hasn't seen an honour like this bestowed upon it since Pagad made it the official "Home of the Movement". There will soon be a follow up story giving a more in depth review of Sybrand (Say'-brant) Park. Stirling won by 1 shot over Charles Sanderoff with Tim a shot further back. The rest of the field were enjoying the weather a bit too much to actually play golf I think.

A big thank you to all who played though, very enjoyable day out if it wasn't for the golf course's greens (or browns depending on how you believe the name originated). The next championship is to be held at the Bosch or Royal but watch this space for more!

Have you not been brought Up?

Some peoples children. For free. These are the guys that give paparazzi a bad name. Mind you, these are the girls that keep paparazzi in business.

Amy Winehouse goes to Rehab

London - British soul singer Amy Winehouse was admitted to hospital after she collapsed from a drug overdose, it was reported on Thursday.

But management for the 23-year-old has made headlines for months over her excesses with alcohol, said her concerts were called off because of "heavy exhaustion", adding that Winehouse had been treated as an outpatient at a London clinic on Wednesday and discharged.
Britain's Sun newspaper said on Thursday the singer had taken a drug overdose and that her stomach had been pumped.

The emaciated singer who has been nominated for three MTV video awards, has admitted to having problems with drugs while battling the eating disorders of anorexia nervosa and bulimia.
Story courtesy of News 24
Its Quite Ironic it must be said, Amy Winehouse who sings that catchy song about going to rehab that you hear at 21sts and at tin roof at 3 an the morning, now needs rehab!! Shame, I think she is just a little cooked. Obviously her daddy didn't love her enough, or maybe too much. Someone should look into that.

The WADDA diaries

This article seeks to win a regular spot on the Playroom as we take a close look at the world of this night club and the goings on within and in surrounding areas. All comments are welcomed and no doubt some fine stories will be shared.

As an opener I feel it's important to look holistically at what an average night at this “fine” establishment entails- from beginning till end!

Step 1: No true night out would be complete without the customary pre-match. This may consist of a few beers at a bar, a post match sports fines or just downing a good bottle of crackling within the comfortable confines of your home. Either way, the main goal of the situation is to get nicely pissed, send those enquiring SMS's without inhibiting thoughts, and start loosening up (in every sense of the phrase) for the night ahead.

Step 2: Somehow transport needs to be found to the establishment. This consists of finding the most sober person, or the guy who just doesn't give a shit, to get you to the place. Crucial components of this trip are; loud music (usually a good tin roof anthem does the trick), congested back-seat space, and a thorough knowledge of potential road-block sites. Arrival is marked with a quick spray of deo's and one last swig of the booze you brought in your plastic Valpre bottle!

Step 3: Entry must be swift and care free. The WADDA card comes in handy here as it gives a sense of importance, allows us to grab a random to come in with you as your partner (a potential drink-buyer), and saves valuable Jaegie money.

Step 4: Ideally the most pissed oke is the guy with the most money, coz he'll then go to the bar, do his 50 cent impression, flash around the bling bling and order a full round of Jaegies, plus a few more and everyone is on their way. Goal now is obviously- get pissed, score (if u single), try not look too much like a doos on the dance floor, or if you the Guru- just go for it anyway! Most of the night now is about a blur. You talk, you drink, you dance, you drink, you talk, you stumble a little, hug and back slap “mates” that you probably wouldn't even speak to if you were sober, and drink a bit more. All in a good night's WADDA action really. Of course, at least another few SMS's are sent if no luck is apparent on the lady front. But these are just courteous enquiries of course, a true gentleman would always enquire as to the lady's whereabouts- and of course offer her a lift home and 'free' accommodation for the evening!

Step 5: This happens at different times for different people. Leaving time depends on a few variables; are u out of money? Are you too pissed to talk any sense (in which case you always stay), do you have work the next day? Are you Gregg Gray? (be there for lights on time), has your enquiry sms received positive response (down a tequila and leave- it'll help!) or is it now time to go to the roof for winning hour?!

Step 6: Lift home time. Either you driving yourself, in which case you have drunk water for the last hour, which of course means you fine to drive, or you getting a lift with the girlfriend/sms girl/ mate's girlfriend/friend that's a girl (that could change now), or it's a disappointing end and straight to Barcellos/Starlite for the burger that is absolutely essential. Of course you have booked your table for 4 am so it would be rude not to turn up! Hopefully you manage to leave unscathed - without ordering only to find u have no cash, or flirting with another guy's bird, or going and making the burger's yourself (Gregg), or being ill on the floor in front of sms girl (sure to guarantee being dropped off at your own house). Then all that is left is to make it home without feeling too ill- unless like an esteemed individual of repute, you puke all over yourself and this writer’s car- down a good litre of water, and settle down to bed for that final session. This could range from a productive one, to one that involves sending another few crucial sms's to girls that really should have 'made a better effort to see you', or that 'you don't mind coming to fetch now quickly'.

This is just only an average Monday night of course- so please add some stories and stay tuned for the weekly update by any one of our correspondents or our resident residents Kichelle Daretti and Mim Bavel.

Send stories to Comments are welcome too!

Thomas Vaughan

Friday, August 10, 2007

Possible Daly Cup Entry?

Our friends over at Coed Magazine have alerted us to the fact that they have found a possible new entrant into the Daly Cup

Natalie Gulbis is a 24 year old professional golfer on the LPGA tour. She attended Granite Bay Highs School after which she moved on to Arizona Uiversity, but she calls Sacramento California home. I think we can all agree, that she is an absolute belter who could quite possibly outdrive King.

The competitions organisers however have decided not to issue her with an invitation to play, but rather have asked her to be support staff. This job entails driving around in a golf cart issuing players with refeshments and tending to their needs. She would of course have to do this wearing only a bikini (it would cost too much to get her naked). They have issued the invitaion but funnily enough, have not yet recieved a reply.

You can find out all about her on her website. She is not scared to do shoots in bikinis, and so she shouldn't be. Good girl, play nicely.
(click for bigger pics)