Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nut Van not so Invincible

The way it works at UCT is that in order to park on Campus, you need to fork over fuck loads of cash for a parking disk. You do this because you know that if you are caught, there is a nasty fine awaiting you, albeit that you dont actually have to pay, but thats not the point. You do on the odd occasion chance it and hope to get away with it, everybody has done it once or twice. It does however tweak the hell out of me that there are those people who seem to do it ad-nauseum and never seem to get caught.

The driver of this van is one of these people. He boasts endlessly about how his van is invincible and impervious to fines. It is for this reason that I am writing this article. Let me set the scene. Walking up the hill in the freezing cold, swearing, trying not to think about how far it still is to my lecture, keep walking, swearing, hating all these bastards who chance their luck everyday and never get caught, still swearing. Finally I get to the top, comlpletely bleak with life and the idea of a full day at varsity thinking that nothing in this world will ever be right and that nothing, even a blow job from Jessica Alba could bring me out of my bad mood. It was at this pivotal point in my life that i saw it.

I was amazed at how wrong i could have been, how my mood could be so hectically changed by a seemingly meaningless happeneing. How beautiful it was, fluttering its whiteness in the wind. My mood changed instantaneously as a wave of sheer jubilation swept over me. The day seemed so much brighter, so much warmer, i now had purpose, i wanted to go to accounts and as the clouds parted, i could swear that, just for a second, i saw god smiling at me and i could just make out what he was mouthing......'Take that you Cunt'.

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Anonymous said...

What a prat! Clould't have happened to a nicer person!!