Thursday, August 30, 2007

Friday Night Lights

Just thought I would alert your attention to the hopefully debaucherous events coming up on Friday the 21nd of September.
As you may or may not know, Stellenbosch is not that keen to hold "Intervarsity" (traditionally the first game of the season between UCT and Maties) again based on the fact that the town gets somewhat of a makeover that night. This was the reason for the game being held at Newlands earlier this year, and I am not so sure that that venue may become out of bounds in the years to come.

But what they big wigs at Maties rugby didn't realise was that just because the second game to be played at the Danie Craven wasn't officially called "Intervarsity" doesn't mean that UCT students wont go out in their droves and add to the GDP of Stellenbosch.
Just thought I would alert your attention so there would be plenty of time to plan, nothing more, nothing less. Bring on those Friday Night Lights!

Event: Intervarsity Returns
Place: Danie Craven, Stellenbosch
Date: 2 September 2007
Time: 1st team kicks off at 9pm

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