Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ching, Chong, Cha!

I thought of this idea a while back and the more I think of it the better the idea becomes. So here is my proposal.....

The introduction of "Ching, Chong, Cha", or for our international readers "rock, paper, scissors" (why Saffa's feel the need to call it by its Asian translation I still cannot work out, but that is a whole nother can of worms!) into Test match rugby.

The coin toss in the in test match rugby has taken some what of a back seat since I was a young lad watching the game in the early 90's. You wouldn't even know that the toss even happens if you weren't as informed as all our readers are. I realise that the outcome of the toss doesn't quite have the same affect in rugby as in say cricket, but surely we could make more of it? The administrators are always adding new things to the game to try and enhance the entertainment and therefore value to the spectator, like dancing girls (note to reader - which I am not adverse to) or the Zulu war dance. Well you monkeys in rugby administration (sorry for the generalisation my northern hemisphere and antipodean counterparts), here is your chance!

Close your eyes and imagine John Smit and Richie McCaw standing on the halfway line in Paris staring each other down, trying to read the eyes of his opponent while at the same time trying to keep a blank face. And then the call comes over the loudspeaker, "Ching!", the crowd going quiet in anticipation. "Chong!", the excitement unbearable as a few of the unsavoury members of the crowd (the same ones who think that a moments silence is for them to bellow out a few drunken screams) break the atmosphere slightly. "Cha!", John Smit drawing out his favourite move, the jaw breaking rock. Meanstwhile had Richie predicted the inevitable and brought out the paperwork!

It surely could work! And imagine the build up in the press. It would be awesome! Mortlock throwing out at Thursdays press conference that he would be pulling out the scissors on Saturday, baffling the French tacticians. And imagine all the statisticians that would have a new lease on life with all the new variables that would be thrown around! Sites like SA Rugby would have whole articles on the match within a match.

Surely an idea that needs to be considered by the big wigs at the IRB!

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