Sunday, August 5, 2007

King of Poker

Saturday night saw seven of Cape Towns' finest gather for a night of poker at the humble abode of the Fox. It was planned as a night at least, but some pent up aggression from some of the senior players resulted in the night moving by pretty quickly.

In fact it was Mr Australia that went out first pretty early on when he made his weekly donation to charity, or The Guru to be specific. The gate was still closing when Guy (biggest name) managed to scuttle out behind him, this after tactfully slamming the front door in rage. It was a big loss to the game, but hey - everyone gets unlucky at some stage in their life. Fortunately for biggest name he didn't have to use the choke on the way out (his engine was still warm), specially with the petrol crisis reaching fever pitch.

The Florence brothers made a strategic move by being the next two to leave the building, this after arriving in the same car together and not long after, leaving together. They are no doubt also worried about striking workers in the petrol industry (Guru no doubt having done massive research into the crisis in between studying for his Board Exam in 2009).
To cut a short story even shorter, MJ King eventually added to his silverware collection winning the heads up against the host. It really needs to be asked, who can stop this guy? Come on guys lets put up some hands!

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