Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Daly Cup Update

Just a quick update regarding Sunday's proposed golf. I have booked two times at Mowbray Golf Club at 12.35 and 12.42. Come guys, pick up your lipstick and put your name down. Would hate to have to cancel one of the times due to lack of interest! If you scared of the Cape Town weather, don't worry....... we will not be shy to postpone the event! It is common knowledge that Dwayne doesnt like the wind and rain.
Seems as if my concerns over the weather have blown over, so please take note of the weather on Sunday....... could it get any better? Might be a bit wet, so conditions will suit those with a little more carry off the tee, as opposed to the 'Roux Brothers' technique of keeping it along the ground for at least 50% of the total yardage (may I add that this technique is used to great effect the hard fast fairways of the home course of Bushy the Griquas mascot!)

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