Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Present ideas for the little Man

As it enters that pesky birthday season, everybody rolls their eyes as they think of the hits their wallets will take in this time of present buying. I have come across a site that can help.

August brings with it the birthday of a very special individual. His name is Guy Thompson. This site has a wide range of themed Kids Pajamas. They make all the NFL kits to fit even the smallest of kiddies. These custom kids sets are so special that they even let you print a number on the back!! Amazing! (I happened to have it on very good authority that Guys favorite number is 7). But probably the most important piece of information is that they make shoulder pads in tyke sizes. This will be of great help to Guy as he looks to make his return to the Rugby fields. Sizes range from 4yrs - 10yrs. The sets are very reasonably priced so the birthday seasons budget will not be blown in one go.

This site will also be of use to you if you are attending a Wynberg girls 21st because her kid(standard issue) would be between the ages of 4 and 6. Give or take a few months here or there.

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