Thursday, January 31, 2008

Life at Work

Well, 2008 has kicked off in a blur with January almost gone. The Met came and went and so did the begining of a few of our working lives.

It is a sad day when you are awake at 6am, not because you are still boozed from a large Tiger night, but because you have to go to work. It is a cruel new world we live in boys and girls.

A side note, apparently the are closing one of the lanes on the M3 on hospital bend for 25 moths for renovations to get ready for 2010. So, thats gonna make the commute into town for all of those who are lucky enough to be working in town an absolute nightmare. I can only hope that the people going to varsity will be adversely affected to. Sour? Some may say so. But when weighed up against the late sleep ins, afternoon naps and boozing during the week, its a small price to pay.

As for the tweaks pertaining to golf, I am not impressed. The reason i am unable to play golf at the moment is that I have to work for a living. Daddy does not pay the rent. I do not have a Valley Close Trust Fund nor do I have rich grandparents who provide me with unending funds. So... I have to work and thus do not have the time to be gallabanting around playing golf.

Call Girl?

Hello kids. I know its been awhile, cuz i have become a corporate man now, so until I am up and running, I will let my subordinates entertain you. Here is a rather interesting article I cam across while at work.

JOHANNESBURG – The proposal on prostitution being legalised during the 2010 Soccer World Cup was yesterday described as “immoral” by several political parties.
This after an ANC MP George Lekgetho suggested on Tuesday that this is one of the things that would make the tournament a success during a meeting of the Portfolio Committee on Arts and Culture in Parliament.

He was quoted as saying: “We hear of many rapes because people don’t have access to women.”
Speaking to The Citizen yesterday, leader of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) Reverend Kenneth Meshoe described the proposal as a joke and that it was upsetting to promote something of that nature. “There is no way we as the ACDP can support this.
“We are living in a time when people are dying as a result of HIV and Aids. It is ridiculous to be sending out a message to people, especially the youth, to be sexually immoral,” Rev Meshoe said.

He added that legalising prostitution won’t change anything as rape cases are still going to be around.

The main opposition party DA’s MP Sydney Opperman echoed Meshoe’s sentiments saying the legalisation of prostitution would be totally unAfrican. “We can’t use sex tax because of bankruptcy. We oppose the proposal because it is immoral and we are faced with major challenges such as HIV and Aids as well as teenage pregnancy. What kind of a message is this to jobless matriculants,” Opperman said.

Meanwhile the Young Comminist League (YCL) viewed the proposal differently.
YCL’s Castro Ngobese said there was no reason why it should not be legalised as it is within the Fifa’s rules.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This ones for you Dwayne

I am off to play a round of golf at the 'bray tommorow morning with my usual golf partners minus one dwayne. He unfortunately won't be there having a conference call.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Super 14 2008

Well RWC2007 is just about out the system and I am looking forward to the Super 14 this year which is incorporating the new rules.  I have always felt that most of the progression we have seen in rugby over the years has come from teams exploiting the rules and we have come to the stage where we have little room for development in the game.  This will however not be the case anymore because they have just thrown in a number of vastly different rules for coaches to exploit.  Could be interesting times ahead.


On a less serious note, I call on all of you to join my Super 14 picks game.  I know we are all very over the Fantasy Rugby which we used to play when we were a little less mature, but now that we have less time on our hands this new game option is really worth playing.  All it requires from you on any given week is to predict who will win each match and by how many.  You will catch on to the points scoring system pretty quickly once the rugby kicks off pretty soon, but all it requires of you is less than 5 minutes on the net a week..... surely ref!!!!!  Go to SuperBru and register.  The pool code is "snubsage".  When asked for your nickname please give us a nickname that the vast majority of people out there would know.  Good luck in fighting for second place.  Prizes to be announced once I know how many of us there will be.


Apologies regarding the intimidating use of paragraphs....

Monday, January 28, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

On your marks. Get set. Go!

Stix and Guru steal the show!

In what turned out to be a fantastic day’s entertainment and cricket, the Nadoes Cricket Spectacular was a great hit! Early on at the bookies the punters were calling it a no contest with the unbeaten WPCC/Nadoes 3rds having all the ascendancy. I must admit that I myself said there was no why that these part timers and come to think of it old timers could ever win such a clash.

The wise heads of the legends met well before the fixture and formulated a plan that in the end would have the undoing of the favored team. Guile and patience were the name of the game on a pitch which started off being as slow as AB is on a first date. Batting first was not a good option as the 3rds toiled in very tricky conditions. Some perseverance paid off with the Guru making his maiden test century and what a fine innings it was. The 3rds landed up on 193 after 40 overs and thought they had it in the bag.

The legends got off to a wobbly start loosing two early wickets. It was then that the match seemed to change as Stix ‘Tendulkar’ and Chucker Charlton played some scintillating cricket and took the match away from the 3rds. Some cameo inning’s by AB de Villiers and Taariq Jakoet sealed the deal as 193 was just not enough runs in the end. A big congratulation’s must go to Jed Elley for leading his troops magnificently. Ruthy’s men’s bowling left a lot to be desired and lessons were learnt.

The celebrations after the match were sensational as in the end the game of cricket was the victor. The crowd drank late into the night and all had a marvelous time. These sporting get together’s really have become a big hit!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The good times just a keep on rolling

The Cape of Great Events continues its rich vain of form with a cracker of a weekend planned for all who live in this lovely part of the world. One of the main events is the Nadoes Cricket Spectacular which is on Saturday at the WPCC YMCA field. This edition sees the WPCC/Nadoes 3rds take on the infamous Nadoes Legends in what promises to be a cricket match worthy of Test status. The ICC has in fact taken this into consideration and will be deciding on whether the game gets Test status or not later this week. This match puts some of the biggest names in cricket up against each other and some individual battles are sure to surface.

The teams will be as follows:
The Nadoes WPCC 3rd’s
1. Robbie Morris (capt) “the ruth”

2. Matthew King ‘murry’

3. Dane Allenbrook ‘great dane’

4. Chris Florence ‘the guru’

5. Kenny Kirkby ‘the muffin man’

6. Charlie Sanderhof ‘frodo’

7. Devon Light ‘von ligtenstein’

8. Warren Butler ‘the players player’

9. Tom Dawson-Squibb ‘vaughan’

10.Gregg Grey ‘joe dirt’

11.James Brown ‘the spin lizzard’

The Nadoes Invitational XI / Legends
1. Stanley Jed Elley (capt) the Godfather

2. Dave Lobenstein half pint

3. Steven Liebrecht sticks

4. Gareth Wyley GB

5. Stu McConnachie the Scotsman

6. Anton van der Berg AB

7. Johnathan Meintjes cheese

8. Jamie Ross jimbo

9. Jason Elley meerkat

10. Graham Barratt donkey

11. Glen McCloud-Smith oo ah Glenn McGrath

12th man in both sides will be a mystery guest appearance.

All welcome to come on down and support, chill, drink, eat, sun tan, laugh and vibe.

Venue: WPCC ,YMCA field (on Keurboom RD.)

Meet: 10:00

Format: 40 overs a side

Monday, January 14, 2008

Can you spell tip?

Tiger Tiger definitely has one of the best human resource departments in the up and coming Claremont CBD! 

Road Trip 07 247

Reeves and the Ant Man make the Burberry proud

It was a blustery affair on Friday but nothing would detract from what would be a superb day out at the inaugural Burberry championship. The parings got together and team outfits were arranged. Some teams chose to get down to the course early to acclimatize and practice some putting and others chose to arrive late and walk out onto the 1st tee straight away. One of the teams who chose to do the later and arrive late, found themselves in trouble from the first shot of the day. I think in the back of their minds they knew that they would be having a long day with many shots and lots of walking so they opted to hire a cart to aid their ailing bodies. The paring of Renzo Puccini and Tom Dawson-Squibb did in the end walk away with the wooden spoon given all a master class in how to windscreen wipe the fairways and screens at Mowbray.

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum the team of Anton Van den Berg and Mark Riva showed all how the game of golf should be played. These two from out of no where played some solid golf and dove-tailed beautifully to win the prestigious championship. The two were gracious in victory and stayed behind afterwards to sign autographs for the fans who had made their way down to the old course. What great champions for the game.

It must also be noted that Guy Thompson won himself the ‘Dick of the Day’ award for crashing off a golf cart traveling at 20km per hour down the 5th. To everyone’s amusement Guy, who obviously wasn’t really thinking, jumped onto an already full golf cart with his clubs. Obviously with the law of force and gravity the golf cart was going to have none of this and spat him off the back in rumbling pile of ‘Name’ and golf clubs. Everyone laughed and Guy was embarrassed and for his sins he will be wearing the glorious yet very ugly Burberry Hat out to Tiger this week.

CEO of SA amateur golf, Murry King, said “I would just like to thank all who were involved with this great event. The golf was good, the spectator numbers were up and friendships were made. I look forward to the next championship”.

Watch this space for Burberry Championships coming to a golf course near you!

Friday, January 11, 2008

The day Burberry comes alive

The day of the Burberry Championship is upon us and the scent of nerves and anxiety are fresh in the air. The Cape has dished up some tricky playing conditions with a fresh South Easter making club selection crucial.

As mentioned before a celebrity four ball which be put together and it gives me great pleasure to tell you all that this has indeed happened. The CEO of SA Amateur Golf, Murry King will be with us on the fairways today. As will the ‘Name’ Guy Thompson, ‘not so little Guru’ Tim Florence and Jambles ‘I’m very old looking’ Charlton.

“Oh my gosh!” I hear you all say. “This cant be true?” But yes it is, one of the strongest fields in world golf has been put together for which shall be a magnificent day.
Yours in Burberry.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Heidi Montag is a Belter

Not Sure who this chic is, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. Her name is Heidi Montag though. If that helps at all? A quick Google search would tell you that she is a star of the TV program The Hills and she is trying to start a singing career. But none of this is of any use to anyone. So, just leave it as she is hot.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Daly Cup Trophy Unveiled

It has been an exciting week for SA Amateur Golf. First with the announcement of the field for the Burberry Championship and this mornings long awaited unveiling of the Daly Cup Trophy.

It is a beautifully handcrafted trophy set in solid Pine, with a coating of white paint and it has a golf ball from the 1970's mounted on it, that is said to have been stolen out of Gary Player's bag by his caddy. It is rumoured to have a market value of R 4,75 and is a one of a kind. Below is the Daly Cup in all its glory. It even has the names of the previous winners inscribed on the back.

A last word of good luck to all those competing in the Burberry Champs on Friday. It is a strong field and it will be a fiercly fought competition for the years first piece of silverware.

BREAKING NEWS: This just in, The Guru snr has been struck down with what seems to be Tick Bite Fever. He contracted the disease on his recent trip to the Transkei. He is a doubtful starter for the Burberry Champs on Friday. His camp was unavailable for comment.

The Burberry Championship

Stylish yet trashy, elegant yet not so much, expensive yet fake, Burberry has become a world wide fashion explosion. The Burberry brand is looking to expand and has found its way from Thailand tours 07 to the South African amateur golf circuit.

It is thus with great pleasure for me to unveil the Burberry Championship of golf which will be held at the Mowbray Golf Club this Friday afternoon. CEO of SA amateur golf, Murray King noted “that the Burberry Championship is a welcome and fantastic addition to the tour which now can stand next to great events such as the Daily Cub and the Fancourt Challenge. I love Burberry and all its gear.”

Further more Mr King noted “the inaugural field for the championship was a fantastic one, which included four of the top ten.” The field will be as follows with some new names possible to join.

Nick ‘Dom’ MaCconnachie & Dave ‘Banker’ Kitley
Mark ‘Bismark’ Riva & Anton ‘Kwaak’ Van den Berg
Thomas ‘Vaughn’ Dawson-Squibb & Renzo ‘Bevelo’ Puccini
Charles ‘Frodo’ Sanderoff & Chris ‘Guru 16’ Florence

*There is a possibility that another four ball will be introduced for some celebrity entrants.

So there we have it the field has been drawn up and course is in magnificent condition. Let Friday be a day for all and Burberry.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Battle at Fancourt

The eagerly awaited time had finally come. It was time for the Annual Battle at Fancourt. Hours of gruelling training had been put in by the players to make sure that they were in peak condition and at the top of their games to compete for the ultimate prize. The pairings were as follows:

Team Head Boy consisted of Fancourt Veteran and former Daly Cup Runner Up Charles Roff. He was paired with Fancourt Debutant Thomas Vaughan who is making his professional debut on South African soil after playing for many years on the UK Tour until a crippling back injury plagued him for awhile. He is now back to his best and fighting fit.

Team Bear consisted of Current Daly Cup holder and Fancourt veteran Great Dayne and a player who has burst onto the SA Golfing scene grabbing Rookie of the year, Garth Oliver.

The morning came bright and still, The Battle would be fought on the Montagu Course. The Bears started shakily with both of them blasting out of bounds on the first, while The Head Boys managed to sneak in a par and took an early lead. Blows were exchanged over the next few holes with quite a few birdies had by both teams. At half way the Head Boys were 2 up and looking strong to take home the cup.

Things remained to go slowly for the Bears as they went a further shot down on the 10th. The Head Boys had some solid play and were not allowing the Bears back into the game. So, the Bears were staring down the barrell at 3 down with 4 to play. It was then that the Bears managed to pick up 2 birdies in 3 holes to be standing on the 18th 1 down.

Garth and Charles Roff bombed out and it was left up to a straight out battle between Thomas Vaughan and the Great Dayne for the Title. Vaughan layed up short of the water on the 465m par 5 18th, while Dayne decided to go for the Green in 2, a decision which ended in disaster when his ball found the water.

So, this left Vaughan with the easy task of chipping onto the green and two putting for the win. HE CHOKED. With the entire Fancourt Clubhouse looking on, he unceremoniously dumped his ball into the water and could only manage a double bogey 7. This left Dayne with a cluch 6 footer for the tie. He made the put and for the first time in history, The Battle at Fancourt would go into a playoff over 18 holes at the Bramble Hill course at Fancourt.

The Playoff took place the next day at Bramble Hill. It was a completely different affair this time. The Bears left their golf and their tempers at home. They stumbled, fell, suffered and mared to a 4and 3 thrashing at the hands of the Head Boys.

When interviewed, the Bears Spokesman had this to say "My Boys were thoroughly out played today, we will however be making a formal inquiry into the handicaps of the Head Boys as we feel that they were seriously inflated. Our congratulations go out to them, pending the results of our investigation"

Yogi Bear struggling at Bramble Hill

Monday, January 7, 2008

Girl Gets Stung in the Ass by a Scorpion

This is for free. Its Apparent that the Brazilians are even more fucked than the Japs.

Hot chics hurting themselves, it's not nice to watch, but like a car crash, its impossible to look away.

Rather Helpful

We are all growing up. Part of growing up is sleeping with people, and I dont mean that in a naughty way, but acyually sleeping. Sleeping in a bed with another person can be rather tricky. Guys, by definition, dont do cuddling. Arms and legs and things fall asleep from being 'layen' on. Here is a rather interesting invention to help the boys out.

Its called the love mattress. and it has slits in it so you can leave your arm under your babe without it falling off. Only downside is that you may fall into the slits midstroke and that could end in disaster or injury.
So, here is an article for your perusal The Love Mattress, use it, dont use it.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Oh F#@K

This is bad news. Jessica Alba is engaged. I have nothing constructive to say, nor can I offer any words of support. Fuck the World.

Wednesday Woman Medley

Due to the fact that I have been out of town on holiday, The weekly Wednesday Woman has been a bit of a fuck up. So, to get things back on track, I have decided to give yall a medley of Photos of various scantily clad ladies. Hope yall enjoy. The Various ladies represented are Kristal Houston, Linda Vojtova and Lucy Pinder.

And Now for Lucy Pinder's contribution (NSFW)

Happy New Year

To everyone out there, big and small, pretty or not, we at playroom would like to wish all an amazing 2008 and hope that all prosper and come right as many times as possible!!