Friday, January 11, 2008

The day Burberry comes alive

The day of the Burberry Championship is upon us and the scent of nerves and anxiety are fresh in the air. The Cape has dished up some tricky playing conditions with a fresh South Easter making club selection crucial.

As mentioned before a celebrity four ball which be put together and it gives me great pleasure to tell you all that this has indeed happened. The CEO of SA Amateur Golf, Murry King will be with us on the fairways today. As will the ‘Name’ Guy Thompson, ‘not so little Guru’ Tim Florence and Jambles ‘I’m very old looking’ Charlton.

“Oh my gosh!” I hear you all say. “This cant be true?” But yes it is, one of the strongest fields in world golf has been put together for which shall be a magnificent day.
Yours in Burberry.

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