Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Burberry Championship

Stylish yet trashy, elegant yet not so much, expensive yet fake, Burberry has become a world wide fashion explosion. The Burberry brand is looking to expand and has found its way from Thailand tours 07 to the South African amateur golf circuit.

It is thus with great pleasure for me to unveil the Burberry Championship of golf which will be held at the Mowbray Golf Club this Friday afternoon. CEO of SA amateur golf, Murray King noted “that the Burberry Championship is a welcome and fantastic addition to the tour which now can stand next to great events such as the Daily Cub and the Fancourt Challenge. I love Burberry and all its gear.”

Further more Mr King noted “the inaugural field for the championship was a fantastic one, which included four of the top ten.” The field will be as follows with some new names possible to join.

Nick ‘Dom’ MaCconnachie & Dave ‘Banker’ Kitley
Mark ‘Bismark’ Riva & Anton ‘Kwaak’ Van den Berg
Thomas ‘Vaughn’ Dawson-Squibb & Renzo ‘Bevelo’ Puccini
Charles ‘Frodo’ Sanderoff & Chris ‘Guru 16’ Florence

*There is a possibility that another four ball will be introduced for some celebrity entrants.

So there we have it the field has been drawn up and course is in magnificent condition. Let Friday be a day for all and Burberry.

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