Thursday, January 31, 2008

Life at Work

Well, 2008 has kicked off in a blur with January almost gone. The Met came and went and so did the begining of a few of our working lives.

It is a sad day when you are awake at 6am, not because you are still boozed from a large Tiger night, but because you have to go to work. It is a cruel new world we live in boys and girls.

A side note, apparently the are closing one of the lanes on the M3 on hospital bend for 25 moths for renovations to get ready for 2010. So, thats gonna make the commute into town for all of those who are lucky enough to be working in town an absolute nightmare. I can only hope that the people going to varsity will be adversely affected to. Sour? Some may say so. But when weighed up against the late sleep ins, afternoon naps and boozing during the week, its a small price to pay.

As for the tweaks pertaining to golf, I am not impressed. The reason i am unable to play golf at the moment is that I have to work for a living. Daddy does not pay the rent. I do not have a Valley Close Trust Fund nor do I have rich grandparents who provide me with unending funds. So... I have to work and thus do not have the time to be gallabanting around playing golf.

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