Friday, February 1, 2008

Movies at the Moment

I dont lmow about you, but 9 times out if 10, when I go to the Movies, I dont have a clue what to watch. Here are the movies for the week, with a little explanation. I didn't write them of course, but I stole them from a reliable source.

27 Dresses: Perennial bridesmaid Jane (Katherine Heigl) is persuaded to make her own happily ever after in this chick-flick which proves good girls don't always come last.***

Atonement: A false accusation scuppers any chance two young lovers have of happiness in England on the cusp of WWII. Superbly framed shots, dramatic cinematography and meticulous costume design evoke a bygone era. ****

The Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert: shot during 15-year-old Miley's 69 city American tour, it captures the both Miley and her TV persona Hannah Montana. **

Hitchhiker: Romance about a guy who hitchhikes across South Africa to convince the girl of his dreams that he loves her. **

30 Days of Night: Josh Hartnett must protect the citizens of a small Alaskan town after vampires descend upon it during a month of darkness. ***

Alien vs Predator 2: Requiem: The increased gore and violence over the first Alien vs Predator can't excuse Requiem's disorientating editing, murky lighting, and lack of new ideas. *

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Cutely rendered, but suffers from bland potty humour and a rehashed kid's movie formula. **

American Gangster: Ridley Scott directs Oscar-winners Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe as drug peddler and narc respectively. Enough said. ****

Arthur and the Invisibles: Spotty, careening mess of a kids film that wastes its cast. A boy has to journey into a mythical civilisation to save his family. ****

The Bee Movie: The animation will keep kids amused, adults will appreciate the jokes and pop references, but the storyline meanders like a bee. ***

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead: Effective thriller marks triumphant return to form for director Sidney Lumet. ****

The Bucket List: Cynics beware of this sweet, but very enjoyable romp. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman play two ill men who embark on a quest to fill a list of things they'd like to do before "kicking the bucket". ***

The Darjeeling Limited: This self-conscious movie about literal and figurative luggage is meant to be a spiritual journey undertaken by three brothers, but it meanders too much to really engage. ***

Death at a Funeral: Sub-par British black comedy concerning a bizarrely eventful funeral. **

Elizabeth, The Golden Age: Cate Blanchett does her best to keep the film afloat, with the sets and costumes offering a visual feast. But the script is riddled with historical inaccuracies and a sense that you're watching a romance, not a biopic. **

Enchanted: When the world of fairytales and Manhattan collide, one expects a powerful explosion. Instead, the makers have played into the hearts of girls. **

Evening: Claire Danes, Vanessa Redgrave and Glenn Close wasted on a boring story. A series of romantic entanglements between friends mar a wedding. **

Feast of Love: Robert Benton's film about love and loss is free of catharsis and is neither funny nor sad. **

Gone Baby Gone: A gritty exposé of how power corrupts, told with style and interesting actors who turn it into something extraordinary. It might be behind the cameras, but Ben Affleck is back! ****

Good Luck Chuck: A limp teen rom-com with mismatched leads, distasteful humour and gratuitous sex scenes about a dentist who becomes the lucky charm for single woman. After they sleep with him, they meet Mr Right. **

Griffin and Phoenix: About two strangers who meet and fall in love, but don't disclose that they have terminal cancer. ***

Hitman: Excessive violence, incoherent plot and some inane dialogue. *

I Am Legend: About a man's plight to bring an end to mutant' dominion over New York City. Will Smith in a familiar role. ***

Into The Wild: Gorgeously filmed road trip movie about a self-indulgent boy who leaves civilisation behind to create his own happiness in the wild. ***

The Jane Austen Book Club: Six people with increasingly connected lives come together to form a book club dedicated to Ms Austen.****

Joshua: A 9-year-old boy with a penchant for suits gives sibling rivalry a deeper meaning - six feet deep. ****

La Vie en Rose: She is hailed as an icon of French culture the world over, yet little is known of Edith Piaf's tortured life. Must-see for art-house lover ****

Lovewrecked: Teenybopper tale about a star-struck girl stranded on a tropical island with her pop idol. Synopsis

Martian Child: Overly sentimental story about a widower who adopts a boy who believes he is from Mars. **

National Treasure: Book of Secrets: Roller-coaster ride of locations made exotic by history secrets and lots of code-cracking. It's indie without the insouciance. ***

P2: Full of gore, but low on suspense, the film features a cat-and-mouse plot that has been done to death. This one's scraping the barrel. **

Saw 4: If you want to test your level of tolerance for blood and gore,this offers the ultimate challenge.The grisly makeup is offset by a taut and clever script. ***

Talk to Me: With Don Cheadle in the lead and Chiwetel Ejiofor supporting, their ability to channel the drama, humour, wit and swagger of 1960s America is to be applauded. ****

We Own The Night: Joaquin Phoenix as a scoundrel turned good, Marky Mark as a bad-ass cop and Eva Mendes in a rose bustier. It doesn't get better. ***

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