Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Youth of Yesteryear.

As the excitement surrounding the Nadoes 7’s increases I only thought it apt that another team captain got the playroom platform to air his views on the big competition coming up on Sunday. Nicolas MacConnachie, an astute cricketer and all round nice guy wrote the following letter for all Playroom readers. Nicolas will be captaining the most consistent team of the championships, The Youth of Yesteryear.

The Youth of Yesteryear.
As a captain you could not be any more satisfied with your squad. We have one or two members unavailable from our previous years, but we have not been weakened by this but rather, we have been strengthened.

I am very happy as a captain with the new signing done in the off season by our management team. Our staff have gone away and looked at where we can strengthen as a squad and then delivered.

A significant signing has been Colin Birch. Colin was in the winning team last year and can be said to have carried the team captained by Jason Elley. When I approached him, he was unsure of his future with the team he won the trophy with last year. He jumped at the opportunity to play for a side that is maturing and heading upwards. Colin said “rather than play for a side that maybe is on the other side of the hill already, and is heading down hill rather than uphill, I want to play for the Youth of Yesteryear”. Colin has been known to be a big hitter that loves nothing more than pressure situations and we welcome him into what is a very happy team environment.

Our second big signing Ken Kirkby; well need I say anymore? As you all know he is a big hitter with amazing talent which has blossomed of late. He struggled to get going at the beginning of the season, but as the old saying goes ‘form is temporary and class is permanent’. But when we signed the ‘Muffin Man’, it just seemed to give him the confidence he needed. The next weekend he scored 76 off 50 balls and the following weekend another great innings of 60+. I do feel he just needed sum backing from his peers and we offer him this backing in our team. And I am afraid but yet delighted to say, he is back at his best and a wonder to watch. I have had lots of moans about signing him from rival teams management, but again, we had a chat to him, and without hesitation he signed.We have such a great vibe in the camp, I have no doubt we will be at our best as a team. And if we don’t win it, which I’m positive we can, we will be right up there.

Captain and Leader Nicolas MacConnachie

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