Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Daly Cup Records

As hated as they are, every organization needs auditors. We must thank our Rules Committee for pointing out the gross negligence on our part to purport such criminal news to the golf loving public.

I whole heatedly apologize to the wronged parties and hope that they will open their hearts and practice the divine act of forgiveness. All records will be apended so that they are 100% correct.

They are now as follows:


Most Golf: JADH Charton 99 (net)
Lowest round (gross): D Allenbrook 75
Lowest round (net): D Allenbrook 68
Biggest winning margin: D Allenbrook 4 shots


19/07/07 MJ King (Mowbray)
14/08/07 S Mortlock (Mowbray)
25/10/07 J Charton (Royal Cape)
18/12/07 D Allenbrook (Mowbray)
17/02/07 D Allenbrook (Mowbray)

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