Friday, February 22, 2008

Greatness VII team named

The great man in action

There was an air of tension as the Greatness VII waited to recieve their caps and be knighted last night. The Board of Selectors for the Greatness had made their selection for the upcoming Nadoes Super VII's on the 2nd March. The Board were all in attendance and are arguable four of the most influencial sportsman of out time, not to mention the most colourful personalities of their respective sports. They were Eric Cantona (CEO), John McEnroe, Merv Hughes and Pieter Rossouw. These are the players that were Knighted by the board and inducted in a secret ceremony last night:

1) Seb Francke-Mattecka
2) Rhino van Niekerk
3) Great Dayne (c)
4) Murray King
5) Podge Rodgers
6) The Spin Lizzard
7) Matthew Hayden

The Greatness board named a rather inexperienced side for the Nadoes VII's, with 5 debutants accompanying the experienced hitters Seb and The Great Dayne, who has been named as captain. But they are confident that this side has all the exuberance of youth and has what it takes to become the only side to win the coveted Nadoes VII's cup for a second time.

May I Just relay the words of Eric Cantona, CEO of Greatness PTY (Ltd) at the press conference earllier this morning:

"No stone was left unturned, no mountain left unclimbed, no valley left unsearched to recruit the best to the Greatness VII. We have assembled a team of champions here. We are looking to repeat the heroics of 2006, to demolish the competition and make a clean sweep of ur competitors, winning the cup for a record second time. This will not be easy as there are some very talented cricketers in the teams that stand in our way. But in the face of adversity we will triumph, this young team of superstars will have their names etched in the record books as the side that took them all down. Good luck to the rest of the teams, God knows you will need it."

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