Thursday, February 14, 2008

Monday Night Rugby

Monday Night Rugby is here! An exciting new innovation has hit the SA rugby scene. It is a Varsity Competition played on Monday Nights. It has evolved from the Superbowl competiotion that has taken place in previous years. There will also be a UCT inernal Leaugue Invitatinal team that will be competing in a Koshuis League in George over te Easter Weekend. Two of our very own Nadoes have made the team. De Von Liechtenstein and LaLaLoyd Anderson have been selected for this prestigous event. Do us proud boys!!

The eight competing universities: University of Stellenbosch (Maties), University of Pretoria (Tuks), University of Cape Town (UCT), Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), North West University (NWU-PUKKE), University of Free State (Shimlas), University of Johannesburg (UJ).

This competition is for players 25 years or younger and the timing of the tournament enables teams to take part in their local leagues and other SARU fixtures.

Varsity Cup fixtures:
Monday, February 18: 1. Maties v Tuks (televised) 2. UJ v TUT 3. UCT v NWU-Pukke

Saturday, February 23: 4. NWU-Pukke v TUT 5. NMMU v Maties

Monday, February 25: 6. UJ v Kovies (televised) 7. UCT v Tuks

Saturday, March 1: 8. Tuks v Kovies

Monday, March 3: 9. NWU-Pukke v Maties (televised) 10. TUT v NMMU 11. UJ v UCT

Saturday, March 8: 12. Tuks v UJ 13. Maties v Kovies

Monday, March 10: 14. TUT v UCT (televised) 15. NMMU v NWU-Pukke

Saturday, March 15: 16. Kovies v NMMU

The Easter Weekend Festival: To be played in George where all eight teams will play three league fixtures over a period of five days.

Thursday, March 20: 17. NMMU v UJ (televised) 18. NWU-Pukke v Tuks (televised) 19. UCT v
Maties (televised) 20. TUT v Kovies (televised)

Saturday, March 22: 21. Maties v UJ 22. NWU-Pukke v Kovies 23. Tuks v TUT 24. NMMU v UCT

Monday, March 24: 25. UCT v Kovies (televised) 26. TUT v Maties (televised) 27. NWU-Pukke v UJ (televised) 28. NMMU v Tuks (televised)

Monday, March 31: 29. Semi-finals (televised)

Monday, April 7: 31. Final (televised)

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