Thursday, February 21, 2008

Two Oceans Marathon

The Two Oceans Marathon is synonomous in Cape Town Social Circles as a massive Vibe. If it is made known that you are running the two oceans, you are just that little bit cooler. People look at you in a slightly different light. You are immediately assumed to be fit and healthy.

You are then able to utter phrases such as, "I need to get more k's into my legs" and " Im aiming at a sub 1:45" and know what they mean. For people hearing this, it just adds to the aura around you and further adds weight to the theory that this guy is for real.

Sadly, this is not always the case. We have banded together a group of athletes (if you can call them that) that are not expecting to win. Hell, we will be happy if we even finish. With the days of school sport a distant memory (A few have played Varsity rugby, but not all), these intrepid atletes are looking to prove to themselves(and anybody else who is reading) that thay are infact a vibe.

Not often known for their running prowess, they are determined to finish the race in respectable times and finish as a group. That being said, their results will be published along with their finishing times, so that there will be proof of them finishing. Th training has begun ladies and gentlemen, every wednesday sees the participants partake in the Common Time Trials. Judging from the last few attempts, the fitness levels are not where they should be, but hopefully they will pick up a bit closer to the actual race.

The Team will be announced soon, so watch this space to see who is involved. The Big day is the 22nd March 2007, so come on boys, lets get on the road!!

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