Friday, February 29, 2008

Greatness CC Dealt yet another Blow

The Greatness CC were dealt yet another crippling blow when their frontline destroyer and arguable their most prized asset, Seb Franke-Mattecka withdrew from the Nadoes 6’s due to a hand injury.

Franke-Mattecka is rumoured to be on a $50,000 a week salary from the Greatness CC and will be noticeable by his absence. It is rumoured that he injured his hand while attempting to save kittens from a burning building, but as of yet these reports have not been confirmed.

This crushing news comes in the wake of The Spin Lizzards withdrawl. This will surely further weaken the Greatness CC and the competitors will be left licking their lips.

The replacement has been named to take the place of the injured star. He will be none other than cobras opening batsman, Derrin Bassage. Nothing too hectic. His provincial carreer reads as follows:

He is said to be very excited at the chance to prove himself at the highest level, and revealed that it has been a lifelong ambition of his to play in the Nadoes 6’s.

Word from the bookies is that the odds are amazingly still in the Greatness’s Favour. Stay tuned for more updates as well as the results on Monday. Good luck too all except Nic MacConnachie’s team.

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