Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The good times just a keep on rolling

The Cape of Great Events continues its rich vain of form with a cracker of a weekend planned for all who live in this lovely part of the world. One of the main events is the Nadoes Cricket Spectacular which is on Saturday at the WPCC YMCA field. This edition sees the WPCC/Nadoes 3rds take on the infamous Nadoes Legends in what promises to be a cricket match worthy of Test status. The ICC has in fact taken this into consideration and will be deciding on whether the game gets Test status or not later this week. This match puts some of the biggest names in cricket up against each other and some individual battles are sure to surface.

The teams will be as follows:
The Nadoes WPCC 3rd’s
1. Robbie Morris (capt) “the ruth”

2. Matthew King ‘murry’

3. Dane Allenbrook ‘great dane’

4. Chris Florence ‘the guru’

5. Kenny Kirkby ‘the muffin man’

6. Charlie Sanderhof ‘frodo’

7. Devon Light ‘von ligtenstein’

8. Warren Butler ‘the players player’

9. Tom Dawson-Squibb ‘vaughan’

10.Gregg Grey ‘joe dirt’

11.James Brown ‘the spin lizzard’

The Nadoes Invitational XI / Legends
1. Stanley Jed Elley (capt) the Godfather

2. Dave Lobenstein half pint

3. Steven Liebrecht sticks

4. Gareth Wyley GB

5. Stu McConnachie the Scotsman

6. Anton van der Berg AB

7. Johnathan Meintjes cheese

8. Jamie Ross jimbo

9. Jason Elley meerkat

10. Graham Barratt donkey

11. Glen McCloud-Smith oo ah Glenn McGrath

12th man in both sides will be a mystery guest appearance.

All welcome to come on down and support, chill, drink, eat, sun tan, laugh and vibe.

Venue: WPCC ,YMCA field (on Keurboom RD.)

Meet: 10:00

Format: 40 overs a side

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