Monday, January 14, 2008

Reeves and the Ant Man make the Burberry proud

It was a blustery affair on Friday but nothing would detract from what would be a superb day out at the inaugural Burberry championship. The parings got together and team outfits were arranged. Some teams chose to get down to the course early to acclimatize and practice some putting and others chose to arrive late and walk out onto the 1st tee straight away. One of the teams who chose to do the later and arrive late, found themselves in trouble from the first shot of the day. I think in the back of their minds they knew that they would be having a long day with many shots and lots of walking so they opted to hire a cart to aid their ailing bodies. The paring of Renzo Puccini and Tom Dawson-Squibb did in the end walk away with the wooden spoon given all a master class in how to windscreen wipe the fairways and screens at Mowbray.

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum the team of Anton Van den Berg and Mark Riva showed all how the game of golf should be played. These two from out of no where played some solid golf and dove-tailed beautifully to win the prestigious championship. The two were gracious in victory and stayed behind afterwards to sign autographs for the fans who had made their way down to the old course. What great champions for the game.

It must also be noted that Guy Thompson won himself the ‘Dick of the Day’ award for crashing off a golf cart traveling at 20km per hour down the 5th. To everyone’s amusement Guy, who obviously wasn’t really thinking, jumped onto an already full golf cart with his clubs. Obviously with the law of force and gravity the golf cart was going to have none of this and spat him off the back in rumbling pile of ‘Name’ and golf clubs. Everyone laughed and Guy was embarrassed and for his sins he will be wearing the glorious yet very ugly Burberry Hat out to Tiger this week.

CEO of SA amateur golf, Murry King, said “I would just like to thank all who were involved with this great event. The golf was good, the spectator numbers were up and friendships were made. I look forward to the next championship”.

Watch this space for Burberry Championships coming to a golf course near you!

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