Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Super 14 2008

Well RWC2007 is just about out the system and I am looking forward to the Super 14 this year which is incorporating the new rules.  I have always felt that most of the progression we have seen in rugby over the years has come from teams exploiting the rules and we have come to the stage where we have little room for development in the game.  This will however not be the case anymore because they have just thrown in a number of vastly different rules for coaches to exploit.  Could be interesting times ahead.


On a less serious note, I call on all of you to join my Super 14 picks game.  I know we are all very over the Fantasy Rugby which we used to play when we were a little less mature, but now that we have less time on our hands this new game option is really worth playing.  All it requires from you on any given week is to predict who will win each match and by how many.  You will catch on to the points scoring system pretty quickly once the rugby kicks off pretty soon, but all it requires of you is less than 5 minutes on the net a week..... surely ref!!!!!  Go to SuperBru and register.  The pool code is "snubsage".  When asked for your nickname please give us a nickname that the vast majority of people out there would know.  Good luck in fighting for second place.  Prizes to be announced once I know how many of us there will be.


Apologies regarding the intimidating use of paragraphs....

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