Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hands up Please- for the Daly Cup

OK Kids, the time is up to stand up and be counted.....

Firstly a bit of history into the Daly Cup. The inaugural event was held in mid-July 2007 at Mowbray Golf Club, home of some of Cape Towns better golfers. You may be wondering who it was named after and why..... well everyone has their own story, but I think the name really stems from the fact that a hangover is generally a factor in the front 9 of these prestigious championships. It was a tournament designed to see who was the best of the best, who could stand the mental test. The rules were simply that the winner would be the best net round (for all you Sean Carey's out there, that means your score less handicap), and that in order for the round to qualify for championship status there should be a minimum of 4 players, 1 of whom must be the current champion. There are a couple of other technicalities, but we will get into those when you arrive in your plus fours.

Currently the cup is held by non other than Brokeback King, who seems to be dominating most sports at the moment (see "King of Poker" post). And to be perfectly honest, its getting to me. It is for this reason that I am on the task of booking 2 four balls for Sunday morning at mowbray. Whose keen to topple this man from his pedestal? Who is going to put up their hands? Leave a comment if you would like to play. I could even make a third 4 ball if guys are keen.... COME ON!!!

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Dayne said...

Im Amped, Sign me up. Ill smash king and everyone else too. King i want my driver back