Monday, August 27, 2007

Sports Bettings' Best

Most of us enjoy a good 'dobbel' (gamble for those that are not fluent in our native afrikaans). Not scared to throw a bit of bling around any chance we get. From time to time, as by magic our paths may take us to a gambling establishment or betting tote. Good examples of this will be the Met or for the lucky few, Sun City. But why wait so long between excursions?

Online betting has taken the Cape Town and Jambles's spare time by storm. Its all the man does. You too can become a poker genius with this helpful site. It has Top poker and sportsbetting guides and reviews. You can bet on anything at anytime. Its all the betting you could ever want rolled into one! I reckon you could even bet on whether Craig will marry Selina, Melissa or Marshall. Or if they will change the law and allow all of them to marry each other. Or if Sean will eat until he bursts. Anything is possible.

Whatever your game, be it rugby, cricket, horse racing poker or football, this is the place for you. Jambles will now probably never leave the house. They will triple their revenue, I should ask for some commision.

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