Monday, August 20, 2007

Daly Cup Upset

It was on a perfect morning that the Golfing professionals from around Cape Town gathered at Royal Cape Golf Club to contest the Daly Cup. The perfect day was marred by a few incidents right from the get go.

The first being the announcement from royal cape that the entrance fee would be increased to R150 for the days entertainment. All the players could do was sit and stare in amazement as the cashier stole our money. The second was the non-arrival of one of the competitors. A certain Renzo Puccini withdrew only moments before his tee off time giving drunkenness as his excuse for defection. This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated and this young pro has been slapped with a hefty fine and placed on his final warning.

After these disruptions, many of the players had trouble concentrating on their game. This was all too evident from the number of wayward drives on the 1st tee. The two favorites King and Allenbrook were drawn together in the 12:00 tee off time. Things started solidly enough for the leaders as they both registered good scores on the first few holes, but it was on the first Par5 that the trouble started. With a lost ball off the tee Allenbrook was left with a double bogey 7 on his bread and butter hole. Soon after, the clouds began to loom and the sunlight vanished as well as Allenbrooks hopes of his Maiden Daly Cup Victory as his play continued to plummet.

King Still kept ticking away and predictably had the lead at half way, with Jambles Making a surprising move to be only a shot back of the favorite. The guru was a few shots further back while the defending champion S.Mortlock was nowhere to be seen.

King's play began to falter coming home and in what can only be described as unbelievable, Jambles Charton found himself with a 5 shot lead with only 2 holes to play over his playing partner, the solid Cool Keith.

Jambles tried his best to fuck it up, and with an amazing amount of predictability, began his usually chocking at the death. He registered a brace of double bogeys to finish and left the Cup wide open for the taking. Amazingly no-one put their hands up and against all odds and predictions, the rank outsider Jambles Charton was crowned Champion of the Daly Cup, beating out Cool Keith and Matty King by a Stroke.

(73) Jambles Charton
(74) Cool Keith Counihan, Brokeback King

Most Golf- Milo (80)
(scores are net of handicaps)

A great day was had by all and I'm sure the next Daly Cup will be a hotly contested affair.

Notable absentees: Guy Thompson, Tim Florence

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