Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mortlock takes the Daly cup back to Sybrand

What a marvelous day for golf in slaapstad today, and those of you too lazy to get out there today definitely missed out. Dwayne Allenbrook was surely wondering whether he was maybe being a bit fickle by declining the invite on a the basis of one or two clauses in the contract.
The field eventually consisted of a few local favourites, a few unknown quantities, as well a a rank outsider. The bookies favourite was no doubt the defending champion MJ King. He however lost his wheel's not long into the front nine, and it certainly looked like a new champion would be crowned.

After the front nine, it was Tim Florence who emerged as the front runner. It seemed as if all the work he was doing in the new WPCC gym was paying off, although Mr Player is quoted as saying "Performance enhancing drugs are a huge problem in modern golf. There is no way that sitting on a couch all day will create the extra yardage that young Tim has shown".

Maybe Robert Roux can take a feather out of Tims cap in order to help him with a bit of extra carry off the tees. Rooster managed to beat his personal best in the short drive category, beating his previous best 0f 2.4cm by 1.024m. Yes ladies and gentleman your maths is correct. It equates to a drive that went 1m backwards. Robert was pretty upset, and complained that he gets so much more run at Magersfontein (his local Griquas track).

Jambles Charton, who struggled all day with the driver, also managed to put a bit of a show on for the crowds. He managed to put his drive next to the 11th tee box while playing the 12th. When he eventually waded through the casual water all over the course, there was a 3 ball about to tee off on the 11th. This meant a bit of a crowd was on hand to watch the master at work. With a pitching wedge in hand, he managed to hit it all of about 3.5m much to the delight of the crowd!

It was a sensational putting performance and a great back 9 by S. Mortlock that insured that the coveted title was taken back to the quiet hamlet that is Sybrand Park. Pretty sure this quaint little village hasn't seen an honour like this bestowed upon it since Pagad made it the official "Home of the Movement". There will soon be a follow up story giving a more in depth review of Sybrand (Say'-brant) Park. Stirling won by 1 shot over Charles Sanderoff with Tim a shot further back. The rest of the field were enjoying the weather a bit too much to actually play golf I think.

A big thank you to all who played though, very enjoyable day out if it wasn't for the golf course's greens (or browns depending on how you believe the name originated). The next championship is to be held at the Bosch or Royal but watch this space for more!

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