Sunday, August 26, 2007

Absolute Shocker

You have got to love beauty pagents. In order to show that they are not all about looks (why that would be a problem I don't know), they ask "a thought-provoking" question to the beautiful ladies in contention near the end of the compo.

Well this lady, who by the looks of things must have been on of the favourites going into the question round, absolutely pawned it.

She must have walked backstage and wanted to bury herself in a deep hole!

I did like her exam techniqe of repeating the question so as to buy herself some time, but sometimes exam technique alone just doesn't cut it.

She still would have been my winner though!

1 comment:

Zo said...

that video is ABSOLUTELY PAINFUL to watch!!! jeeeez!!! hahaha! brilliant!
im still cringing!!!!