Monday, August 13, 2007

Sporting Koekenda Tennis Cup is On

Borg and McEnroe, pensive.

The 1st annual sporting Koekenda Tennis Cup has begun and the playroom have been given a wild card entry into the tournament. The format is a doubles tournament, and consists of 12 of the top tennis doubles pairings in the country. It is a round robin that leads into quarters, semis and a final.

Representing the Playroom will be Dayne Allenbrook's manager John McEnroe and his good mate Bjorn Borg. Between these two they have won more than 200 singles titles and 100 doubles titles. They will be a force to be reckoned with and will be difficult to beat.
They have drawn The Apocolypto Boys consisting of Tor and Matty Oaks. They will prove to be mean opponents. We will keep you up to date on the results.
Quarters Prediction: New Balls, String Beans, Balaclava Models, The Playroom
The rest of this weeks fixtures are:
The Balaclava models (JC,Seb) vs. The Spartatrons (Tim, Cam)
The new balls (Carlo, Nick G) vs. The woman fuckers (Craig, Andrew)
Le tour de Kaap (John, Clive) vs. The William Kirkby’s (Will, Kenny)
The Playroom (John McE, Bjorn) vs. The apocolypto boys (Tor, Matty)
S.A.& C.S (Mike, Marc) vs. String Beans (Oupa, edge)
The smoking Aces (VC, Dale) vs. The Sopranos (Mike Parker, ant)


Anonymous said...

Who is the elusive Bjorn Borg? The Cape Town folk want to know? Will they know him? Is he a big name?

John McEnroe said...

dont worry about bjorn, he likes to stay out of the public eye until the last possible moment. He is currently in an intense training regime and will only show up for the big first game. he respects his privacy.

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