Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Got your Date Yet?

As we all know its coming round to that time of year again. The heart flutters as it comes to grips with the realisation that it has to pluck up the courage and ask a girl/guy to accompany it to a dance/formal/ball! Yes kids its formal season! Three of which are hitting the calender in the not too distant future, the commerce ball, marketing ball and the Nadoes formal. Some lucky gents and some loose ladies might be attending all three. Which could mean three dates! Hectic. I can hear you all gasping now, but wait, there is help!

Here is an Online Dating website that will give you all the helpful hints and ways to get over your nervousness, all the do's and dont's. My only regret is that I did not find this website in time to help Sean Carey from 'maring' and having to ask a date at '5pm day of' to last years Nadoes Formal. They help lost souls find love online and help with long distance relationships.

For those who cant find their own dates, they will help even the siffest of okes come right with there match finder. It remains to be seen if they are amazing enough to help Bob PecanNut with his on-again off-again but is now on-again relationship with the lovely Maria Siverstedt.

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