Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Wadda Enigma

There was a rather large upheaval this last Saturday at the Popular Nihtclub wadda. I am not of course referring to the Mass WWE style Brawl that broke out 2 saturdays back in which many of the Nadoes were involved. No, I am referring to the Phenomenon that is the the R5 drink Special. Most took advantage, some more than others.

It is at one person in particular I base this article upon. Sources close to him say that he has been somewhat unstoppable of late due to the fact that his GDA calendar has slowed down some what of late and as a result is hitting claremont with a renewed ferocity. Who is this Enigma do you ask? What makes him tick? Why does he sing into beer bottles and serenade random birds on the Dancefloor?

He was the epitomy of a drunken sailor on Saturday Night. He was in his element. UCT rugby mates, young horny birds to serenade, Bottle of whiskey behind the bar and customary dribble stains down the front of the shirt. One of his close mates, The Name, when interviewed had this to say:"We have tried to stop him singing into that bottle, but he pays us no mind! Its like watching a car crash, over and over and over... And he was in all his glory, bottle in one hand and randoms in the other. He even made it down onto one knee a few times and i might even have seen a chainsaw, but thats unconfirmed as i my mind was cloudy with thoughts of my Aussie miss.... so sally can wait, she knows its too late...." And the Name's voice talied off, as a 'far away' look came over his face, a look of reminiscence.

As of yet we do not have a name for this legendary Cape Town Character. we do however know for what is surely a mathematical certainty that he will be in full song again this weekend and will surely be making an appearance at his beloved Wadda. Kids see if you can snap a pic with him. Send them in and ill post them up. All posted pics win a date and a blaas from Jessica Alba. Girls, win an evening with me, niiiice.

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