Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Whats the worst that could Happen???

Ill tell you. What is the worst thing you could do in your job to risk getting fired? Ok, there are maybe a few worse, Banging your bosses wife and declaring your undying devotion to apartheid would probably be a little worse, but this is up there.

You have all come across those motivational posters that are doing the rounds via email. Well, if you havent here is a little taster:

And they get progressively worse. Well, instead of sending a hearty batch of these to my mailing list, I made the unfortunate mistake of sending them to my entire client and trustee lists. The look on my face when I found out...probably priceless. But as you can imagine, I didnt see the funny side. I still dont really. I could be fired and just not know it yet. So, this could be my last post as a gainfully employed individual. What made it worse was that a few clients replied with angry mails. So, I as I lie here in wait I think of you knee deep in tofu (Bio-Dome)(The Movie?)(Bud and Doyle)(Still Nothing?)(Fu#K You then).

I blame this whole episode wholly on boozing. It might have been a sneaky Thur Night at Tiger that put me in such a forgetful mood. But thats another story. Some just never learn. Some do.

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