Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This pic has nothing to do with the article, I just thought id share it with you.

Do any of you know what 6am looks like? Well you get the select few who are still winding down after a fruitful night on the town. You would usually find yourself at starlight Diner (see Foreigners article) or the beach to watch the sunrise. But this is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the select few that are fortunate enough to wake up at this time. I, have become one of those few. Due to circumstances out of my control, I was told that my services would be needed at my office from 6:30am in the mornings. I refused point blank at first with a barrage of anti-corporation propaganda, but was given a sideways look by my boss and reminded that performance appraisals would be done next week and i was in a precarious position (see boozed at work article).

So, I was stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Its not a nice feeling let me tell you. I grudgingly agreed. But, it would be on a best efforts basis, ie as close as possible. It was then that the bomb was dropped that i would also be forgoing my lunch hour in the time of crisis. I was floored by this shocking revelation due to not only the gravity of the situation, but the manner in which my boss cavalierly delivered the news. Now, I can appreciate that not everyone enjoys food as much as i do, but to render me unable to forage for myself in this stressful time is unthinkable, neigh inhumane.

This also rules out any further week night forays to Tiger, Oblivion, Tin Roof or even The Fat Cactus (except Monday :-) for the next little while which have been rather prolific of late by all accounts. I am ok with this though. The pace has been a trifle quick. It will be nice to settle down for the week, and as circumstances would allow it, I have a week to do that, and it being girlfriend weather, its rather nice!! That being said, when the DL tweaked me at 10 last night to go to Tiger, Id be lying if I said it didn't take Super Human Strength to keep me on the couch. Its a process. I'm learning again.

So as i sit here in this precarious predicament i find myself in, with seemingly no way out, I stare out of the window and the words of my friend and confidant ring true through my ears...Ons le by die berg...

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