Monday, June 23, 2008

Playroom Playmates Top Table

Of course......

Mentioned this game a month or so ago and urged you guys to join.  Well maybe you shouldn't have seeing as though you would have got cleaned up by the Playroom Playmates.  Mark 'gives it that Italiano feel' Riva, manager of Riviera is learning the hard way.  He is however within touching distance of the clear leader (1 point can be the difference between passing your drivers licence or not) who is managed by one of the market leaders in online sports management/tipping games.

This picture came out worse than my brothers ipod when it went for a swim in the washing machine, but I think you can just make out what's happening.Blackout Rugby 

It's going to be a tight finish to this pool but one feels that it could all boil down to one very important game, when the Playroom Playmates take on Riviera at Camelot (home of the playmates).  In their first encounter earlier in the year Riviera made full use of their home ground advantage to edge out the Playmates 34-27.

GET INVOLVED KIDS....  Season 3 starts pretty soon, but the sooner you start the better! 

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