Friday, June 27, 2008

The Perfect Pre-Match and its Players

I look forward with optimism into this weekend. Its starting with pre-match, as it so often does. I am fine with that. In fact its to my liking. Mates coming together to enjoy themselves. Nothing wrong. A corner stone of society so to say, a pastime of sorts.

The Perfect Pre-Match

Like anything in life you have to start with your goals in mind. Thus all the planning must lead you on a series of steps to ultimately reaching your goals. And here kids our goal, lets be honest, is to come right. Or if you are Keric, be the most boozed oke there. The goal itself is immaterial, it is the planning for reaching said goal that is of the utmost importance, and this is set up all too aften by the PreMatch, or PM as it will now be referred to.

The perfect PM can take many different forms, my personal favourite, involves a bottle of cane, a pack of cards and a few mates, birds optional(at this point in the evening). A point I cant stress enough, is that it CANNOT be a rushed affair. I have seen far too many inexperienced school-boy-like campaigners make this fatal mistake. As a rule of thumb, 4 hours minimum. I can sense a few of you raising your eyes, but, its a proven fact. Slow release boozing, much like slow release energy, is the best way to go. It allows the body time to adjust to its altered state of awareness.

An important element to the night is "The CEO" He is the one who oversees the evening and makes sure everyone is on a similar level of boozedness. This is however not a trditional seat of power like the fines chair or anything like that, it is unknown to the other competitors. It is a thnkless task that a few perform to ensure a good night. A CEO has many tools at his disposal to 'hurry competitors along, or 'slow' them down a bit. The drinking games are a perfect example of this, shots have the desitred effect on hurring those slow competitors up a bit, the more competent the CEO, the better his Arsenal.

Problems come in when the CEO loses control himself, this could end in disaster for the crowd and ultimately result in a failed PM. Thus a CEO must keep his composure at all times.

Once out on the town, the CEO leaves his kids to their own devices, much like a mother bird letting its chicks fly away for the first time. He feels that warm sense of pride when they spade drunk bitches. Its good. He has succeeded. He then enjoys himself out. He has earned it.

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