Monday, June 23, 2008

Throw stones...

If you live in a glass house sooner or later someone is going to throw stones at you so why not beat them to it? Better yet give your stones to someone who doesn't live in a glass house and let him throw them for you!

Tiny broken pieces of stone don't count. They don't grow.

After receiving a tiny broken piece of stone the other day I did a bit of investigating....

I followed the smoke to a place in Claremont and met up with the man himself. It wasn't easy understanding him as he'd been boozing the whole day so at first I thought he was ignoring my questions and just singing along to the music. After a while though I realized that the song he was singing was different to the one playing. I thought this was rather strange so I listened a little closer and noted a few keywords in the song. After a little search on Google I learned that the song is a classic by Elton John. It goes like this:

Hey Nikita is it cold

In your little corner of the world
You could roll around the globe
And never find a warmer soul to know

Oh I saw you by the wall

Ten of your tin soldiers in a row
With eyes that looked like ice on fire
The human heart a captive in the snow

Oh Nikita You will never know anything about my home

I'll never know how good it feels to hold you
Nikita I need you so
Oh Nikita is the other side of any given line in time
Counting ten tin soldiers in a row
Oh no, Nikita you'll never know

Do you ever dream of me

Do you ever see the letters that I write
When you look up through the wire
Nikita do you count the stars at night

And if there comes a time

Guns and gates no longer hold you in
And if you're free to make a choice
Just look towards the west and find a friend

Obviously he didn't know all the lyrics so he was just singing the same lines over and over with his eyes closed and head tilted back... "I'll never know how good it feels to hold you... Nikita I need you so".

There must be a reason for this strange behavior so if you have any information on this mysterious incident don't hesitate to write to the playroom. If you decide that the 'glass house' you live in is worth too much to put at risk, don't hesitate to pass on those precious 'stones'...


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