Sunday, June 15, 2008

Seal Clubbing

Seal Clubbers are probably the most ruthless of people ever to have walked the earth. There is one Seal Clubber in particular who has been patrolling the Cape Town shores clubbing at will. He is known as the Seal Clubbing King. What makes the King so dangerous is that instead of using a cumbersome wooden club, he uses a state of the art Titanium clubbing pole that is much lighter and deadlier. So big is his love for seal clubbing, that he had the club surgically inserted into his spine, so that he may remove it and attack at a moments notice. He is a wiley foe and usually operates around the Oblivion and Tin Roof Shores and has even been known to venture up as far north as Tiger Tiger Bay. He has taken many scalps over the years such as:

He was last seen at Tin Roof Cove attempting to take on this Whale (below), a dangerous task for even the most experienced of Seal Clubbers. It looks as if he has attempted the impossible and he hasn't been heard from since. It is not known whether he survived, or perished in his quest. He is now in hiding, or dead and that will be the end Of the Great Seal Clubbing King. Now his ghost wheels the Barrow through streets broad and Narrow...

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