Saturday, June 28, 2008

Post Match

This was the scene that awaited me when I finaly arrived at home this morning. Kids got festive. I think people over indulged a little. Things definately were not hekped by the peoples bare tender, ohh-ahh van Breda who was issuing drinks left right and centre. Thnak you, but it was naughty.

It kicked off something terrible. Cape Towns Biggest Boozer was in fine form as usual. My Wadda night was rather abruptly and rather unjustifibly ended by Maurice (or some other Xenophia-esque jimmy), from there were slid on over to tiger, where i might have seen Satan, but cant be sure. Actually, I cant be sure of much. All I have is pieces. Little bits from here and there. Not much, just a few, some good, some not so. We then made the move to Starlight Diner (see xenophobia article) where we were unfortunately met by an absolute prick of a human in the form of a famous rugby players brother. Let's call this oxygen theif Skinny Bob. Im not going to go into it, but I dont get stressed to quickly and generally keep my temper under control. But this muppet pushed my patience to the limits. Anyway, despite this, we managed to enjoy our chips and Farmgirl tomato sauce. Very Budget. What an evening, and a thank you to all involved.

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