Sunday, June 22, 2008

Beavers eat their Young

Beavers: Dangerous, they attack the young.

Section 16(b) iii of the constitution of The Republic of South Africa clearly states the age for a minor to be legally 'interfered' with is 16. Now this would not normally pose a problem for people my age. But, alas, a recently single member of the Cape Town scene seeked clarification on this issue over the weekend. This Article is from the Sunday Argus:

It was alledged that an unnamed man met and made friends with a rather young Gr11 pupil at the popular night club WADDA in Claremont on Saturday Night. Partygoers looked on in amazement when this still unidentified man proceeded to attack this young girl, who could have been his daughter, or at best a younger sister. It is not clear at this stahge what prompted the attack, but our reporters will get to the bottom of the story. If you have any information pertaining tho this event or you know the perportrator please call PASYG (People Against Slaying Young Girls) 0800-455-4545

Applying the innocent bystander test a reasonable person would be led to believe that if she was in the club, she was 18. At least that should be his argument in court, but at WADDA we all know better dont we. Shame on you man, its like fishing with dynamite. Be careful kids, it's a Jungle out there.

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