Monday, June 9, 2008

Great Dane on the loose.

The Great Dane - Running free.

A 3-year old (22 in dog years) Great Dane escaped from a kennel in Constantia recently after its owner accidentally left the gates open. The Dane has been on the rampage ever since, being spotted all around the Western Cape region.

Our in-house writers are on the case and spoke earlier to a member from the SPCA. The interview went a little something like this:

Playroom (P): Thanks very much for meeting with us today Ms SPCA lady. What a lovely necklace that is. Is that your name on it?

SPCA lady (S): Why yes it is my name, a gift from my man. And it’s a pleasure. Anything I can do to help the situation.

P: Yes it is of concern to quite a few of our readers. So tell us a bit more about the species in general.

S: Well the Great Dane is an intelligent, affectionate and gentle animal. Great Danes are often referred to as 'gentle giants' and make excellent family companions. Great Danes are people orientated, sensitive, intuitive and slow to anger. Great Danes do need training from a young age, as they grow into large dogs very quickly.

P: Wow that’s informative. Have you practiced that phrase before?

S: (laughing sheepishly to herself) No no. I’m just a little nervous that’s all.

P: Oh please. Just try to relax. Let’s just enjoy it. Here have another biscuit. OK so a bit more about the story at hand. What’s the latest news on this particular Great Dane?

S: Well we tried everything we can think of here in the mother city. We just couldn't manage to get the situation under control. We here at the SPCA like to believe that we can solve any problem. We are what is known as ‘out the box’ thinkers. Therefore we decided to recruit some help from a more experienced organization, being that of head office in the United States of America. They really do seem to know what they’re doing. Soon after their arrival they started making progress and they would appear to have the situation under control.

P: Wow that is impressive. So are you saying that the Great Dane has been caught and locked up again?

S: Well at this point we aren't certain.

P: What do you mean? Either you have the Dane or you don’t. Simple as that.

S: P it just isn't as easy as it sounds. No wall is too high for this animal.

P: OK. Whatever. It’s just a dog. Thanks again for meeting with me. Here’s another biscuit. Enjoy it. Chew before you swallow. There’s a good girl.

So that’s how the interview went. Not sure if we now know any more than we did before but the situation appears to be in the grasps of a foreign organization. More news on the situation to follow.

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